~Welcome Ramadan~

Best wishes and Ramadan Mubarak for all Muslims all around the world ..

The greatest month of the year is Ramadan , where all Muslims all around the world doing worship for Allah ( god) , fasting, praying,and giving charity to the poor people ect, also visiting their family and relatives . Where they get a lot of wage of Allah ( god) and his graces that is uncountable . Hoping Allah to accepted our good deeds and forgives our sins and enters us to the paradis ,

The benifit of fasting :
Finding relief from a variety of health disorders may no doubt begin my making lifestyle changes. Supervised fasting for a stipulated period helps patients make those required changes in their life that will positively influence their health.

• Fasting is a blessing to overcome addictions – to caffeine, nicotine, drugs, smoking and alcohol. Fasting helps lower withdrawal symptoms, which commonly deter people from overcoming addictions.

• Fasting helps lower cholesterol.

• Fasting works wonders in alleviating disorders of the gastrointestinal system like constipation, bloating, and gastritis.

• A supervised fasting program is a boon to diabetics to make crucial lifestyle and diet changes, sacrosanct to effective treatment of the condition.

• Fasting improves mental alertness – when toxins are cleared out of the lymphatic system and blood stream, it improves mental clarity. Further, eating less results in energy conservation, which can be used by the brain for thinking tasks.

“Fasting is simply a process of deep physiological rest. This rest period helps you rebuild functioning power and recover from the energy dissipation caused by hectic daily schedules and abusive living habits.” – Frank Sabatino, D.C., Ph.D.




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