what I learnt of life !!

*To learn of my mistakes , and use it as  stone to built stairs to my goals
*Slap the sadness till it cry then wipe its tears by happiness tissues 

*Close light of thinking and let the cells sleeps even brain needs  rest 

*There is always place to escape to when I get stress ..its the place where I can take deep breath 

*To live like childen as they don’t have problems. Play like younger as they enjoy their life, and think like wise man  as I can make change in this world 

*To love what I’m doing even if I don’t like it ..it’s the best way to create amazing thing and avoid boring !

To buy many things without money ….
To buy hearts by showing respect
To buy trust by loyalty
To Buy advice by following it
To Buy love by caring
To Buy smiling by drawing it
To Buy luck by doing effort
but I Buy food by money hehehe  🙂

*Beat negative critiques by showing my smile  because I can do it!!

*Don’t belittle others no one  is complete, all have skills

*Read successful stories to charge my though positively ,when get down of people negatively

*Don’t show all my skills for the enemies .because they will use it to attack me behind

*don’t trust who don’t trust me

to be continued …………..

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