surprise after long time !


In quiet place , under moonlight..

she sits alone waiting,, her lover,,

her smile disappeared, her tears slide..

none is around , only her shade 

Shortly after , she walks on another side 

Her lover made for her surprise 

He came on his face big smile

she didn’t believe this time at night, everything became whit in her eyes..

she said: why you left me waiting long time..

don’t call me on phone, told me what time  will come??

ohh , sorry I must be happy you are now in my home!!

He smiles for her, and held her hand tight ,whispers 

you are like moonlight in my life …

i wish your smile doesn’t disappear , your tears don’t slide

you are my soul twin, in my heart  will sit down..

I will write by big line , I LOVE YOU ,YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY MIND ..

my life without you insipid ..will be together as eyes and the eyelid..

take this for you beautiful piece of gold and diamond..

she replied : thanks you are so kind …. 






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