What I learnt of life 2


When all chances in front you goes ,try the shift may it work out *

*Not everyone who smile at you have a pure heart , some are smiling but from inside are wicked

*Don’t love anyone more than he/ she deserves , one day will leave and my feelings totally destroy

I’m free to say what I want , but my conscience makes me think thousand once *


*Little things makes big things , we should not be on Hurry , it’s taken step by step

*There is always pen and paper , who is ready to take the life’s test and accept success or failure who will live the great adventure

Hearts has keys , one of them is smiling and respect *

*Some silly questions makes me ask?? , but the answer is keep silent and nevermind

To say No not means ending the relation between your beloved *

Belief is the first step of success *

There is someone want me to be successful, so, should  doing  my best to make them joyful*

   *If someone wanna break your leg and let you down to stop , stand on the third one it’s hope       

*Don’t regret for the friends who leave you and go without a reason  , perhaps they were want  to destroy your life but they fail ..

Do your best even you are stressed , it may the last step to get success*

*Friends are always motivate you, so, they support by words , enemies don’t stop squib, so , I don’t give up challenge


*don’t depend on the  others to support you  .because  sometime you don’t get  support of them so  support yourself make them wondered how you do it alone!!!

*Don’t say I can’t at all, but say let me try now 

*Education may puts me in a good position , but self learning makes me perfect in performance 


*there is no limits for creativity , it depends on how you use your mind positively


failure is essential station in the success map , don’t worry , it’s experience how   to reach the top


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