what a lovely week

I’m happy indeed

I have nominated for two award

libester and one lovely blog

i’m honored and grateful

thanks for your kind and nomination



by Cristi M  at simple.interesting   thanks so much

it’s a beautiful blog really full of interesting things


1- tell 11 things about me

2- answer the questions

3- nominate 11

11 things about me

Three things I’m afraid of but I wanna at least try one of them
1-jumping by parachute
2-riding horse
3-swimming with dolpin
Quotes I like
4-if there is a will there is a way
5-I cannot predict the future , I cannot change the past , I have just this moment I will
Live it like my last
6-between successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge
But rather a lack of will
7-never let other people and their words bring you down when you do , you are letting them control you
8- I like chocolate
9- I love solving puzzles
10- I like pizza
11- I miss the city where I was born

my answer for the questions from Cristi M
1.Why do you start your blog ?

as matter of fact I blog for improving  and encourage myself  for writing which i was bad at and have fun

2.Favorite song ?

my wish for rascal flatts
3.What do you think about “friends with benefits”?

not good
4.In five years from now, your blog will be alive ?

yeah I hope so
5.Any regrets ?

6.What is your number one dream job?

jewelry designer
7.Tell me, what is your favorite tv-series ?

jewel in the palace Korean series
8.White or red wine ?

no one
9.The happiest day of your life ?

seeing my family happy
10.Please be honest and tell me : do you like my blog ?

really yes , you have a wonderful site your stuff are amazing

many places I don’t know about it I see it in your blog be sure  you have a great blog

and you are doing well  keep on 🙂

so here is my questions for the nomination

What are you good at?
What the change you get through the year ?
If you have traveled to the place you love , what one person will take with?
Your aim in life?
what kind of people do you prefer?
Do you scare of something and have courage doing it?
Your favorite food ?
Your favorite animal ?
Book you like?
what do you think about negative people ?
Quote you believe?

my nomination

  another award

the one lovely blog award 2


 by once4always  thanks so much

love your nice poems

the rules

Post the award picture in your post.
Tell 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them of the nomination.

7things about me

the same as above ;))

my nomination

have a good time

8 thoughts on “awards

  1. congratulations dear, and thanks for the nomination … you are so kind
    many of the things you mentioned I would like to try in my life as you specially … jumping with parachuttes … wow … I feel the excitement …
    it is wonderful to know about you >>> and I hope all your wishes and dreams come true ISA

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