this is what money thinks lool :D:D




Money is important and essential for our life ,all of us need it
but when we search about money without caring for every things around is craziness
Should be balance between searching for money and the others things
because it’s not number one of our happiness as some think
Some people lose everything around , their family , friends , health and maybe honest on their way to earn a lot of money to be rich , they think being rich brings happiness what a pity! , the real happiness in heart

by money…
you can buy a rose but not love
you can buy a bed but not comfort
you can buy a medicine but not health
you can buy a gift but not a smile




7 thoughts on “money

  1. Very sane thoughts and very true…money is good but to much money is not given you hapiness…You even don´t know who is your real friends??? No, too much money can really be a problem I think!!! 🙂

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