memories in my coffee


that place where sitting beside heater
feeling cold , wearing sweater
sitting quiet covered with heavy blanket
in my hands cup of hot chocolate
times suffer of flu, times suffer of sharp cough
and my parents praying for god, running to the doctor
to see me well and recovered

each nights and morning
each drop of rain and cold breezes
and every moment I spent
tells a beautiful winter events
that time I was a child , in my city enjoy coldness,
waiting for bright spring
now , the case has changed
but still in mind , in book memories
moves as suger in my coffee ,Sweetens my time


I have moved from the city which I was live in and Iwere born for about

8 years I miss everything , specially winter for 8 years I haven’t buy any

winter clothes :(, I love winter season , winter here is like spring the weather is good

little cold breezes at night and morning but at noon it’s little hot ,

I know I should thanks god for the grace because

some people suffer of  cold 🙂

8 thoughts on “memories in my coffee

  1. This is so true! I could not even begin to imagine living in a place where it does not snow! It’s so beautiful, and peaceful, and such an important thing in many people’s lives! Well said!
    Nerd With Taste

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