what are the books for me


I consider the books are the most interesting thing in standby time .
actually i was losing my temper when someone being late or when I wait for a long time , of course i was doing nothing then I decided to use this time in useful way whatever the place is in the car, hospital, ect 
i began reading books so I controlled my anger as well as I don’t feel boring unless i read boring book 🙂
there is an important thing I noticed for waiting time is represent sometimes about 30% of my day
I surprised by the time I have , at college I was have 3 hours empty everyday hmm in this hours I finished of many books
besides that my brain got feed as I think we should balance between our food for body
and feed of brain which rise the nation to the top .
also in books there is information not in textbooks and teachers don’t tell us about everything in life we should read, discover and learn .
as we hear books are good friend
yes totally agree with this term, cuz it can be with u anywhere , anytime
makes you laugh, and makes you cry , and times takes you to another world
when I was very young my mom was encourage us for reading so I told her to take me to the bookstore but she didn’t , cuz my dad has a library full of books , as i see that time it’s not of my interesting so i forgot the matter and give up reading
one day I was reading in a book , I read a term for someone said” I do not see a big difference between an educated person don’t read and ignorant person or uneducated person ” this is made me back to my mind and give books its value


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