When you get squeezed, what comes out?

Amazing post.. if squeezed i think would come out the good things i learnt in my life

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3635-fruit-photoI love having fresh fruit juice. At times, the juicer can be too much of a hassle, but the simple hand held fruit press – that squeezes the fruit juice out – works fine for me. So it had me thinking.
When I press a lemon, I get lemon juice. When I squeeze an orange, I get orange juice. When the pressure is put on the grapefruit, when the grape fruit is in an uncomfortable position, grapefruit juice comes out. So I thought, if I was to be squeezed what would come out? If you were to be squeezed what would come out? Love, hope, optimism, enthusiasm? Or negativity, judgement and bitterness? Be aware of what you have inside you. If it’s worth keeping, keep it. If it’s something that doesn’t benefit you or  others, let it go.
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