My name is Maryam , I have graduated from science college physics department , I’m an optimistic girl and ambitious

I like designing jewelry and that I  call my self a designer but I’m just a beginner 😀


I’m interesting in drawing , learning new stuff, knowing about different culture and languages , recently I learnt photography 

and it’s really interesting !!   still learning English and french hope I speak fluently

.I made this blog to share a part of my thoughts, photos or anything interesting  so hope you have a good time and enjoy

thanks for all of you followers and visitors 🙂


65 thoughts on “About

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  3. Hey!! I’ve seen your pictures on this blog. they have some degree of peace to them. good work 🙂

    Ps. though not an art blog, do drop by mine some time. cheers!!

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  5. Thank you for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ one of my posts. It gave me a chance to visit your page and I am glad that I have. I hope to find other gems among your words. I hope you will find other of my posts that will touch some thought and you will enjoy. Thank you and keep designing.

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  7. this was a real sweet intro ! Cute 🙂 Love your blog ! jewelry designer sounds great and elegant 🙂
    And improving English was my goal too once lol Keep up the good work you will achieve what you strive for ! Wishes and Luck !

  8. As White pearl said this was really a sweet intro and a cute one too 😀 I loved your blog. All the best for everything. May your dreams come true 🙂
    Good wishes and prayers

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