book review : the fault in our stars


Sorry for telling that this post should be written before , I’m writing it now cuz i didn’t write a blog since 24 June

OMG , it’s a long time ¬†I don’t feel like writing this but an echo inside telling me come on write something hahah ūüėÄ


by the way I watched the film and read the book but actually I liked the book more than the film I feel it touched me deeper

the story is sad and romantic , the cancer played the actions in it , there is some hope between words i think .

the people who may think they would die just by having cancer , maybe they are wrong ¬†shouldn’t think like that because if they live with hope and like anyone else in the world may they recover of cancer and if they think they would die just by cancer may they really die not by cancer maybe by their thoughts in it

( that makes me remember a person in reality was having a cancer but he was thinking positively and he have a hope of recovering ,then he really fought cancer and recovered , that THERE IS A LIFE IN HOPE and  now he wanna change the name from cancer patients to cancer fighters )

Bake to novel….

for me the saddest part of the story are

when hazel got so sick and couldn’t breath so her parents took her to the hospital

I thought before i read the rest she may die >>but she got better after that

and when Augustus¬†waters died ¬†, I didn’t expect he may die but he is ¬†and that’s was really sad

so the funny part of the story is when Issac throws the eggs with Augustus on Monica’s car

and I wished she was opening the door not her mom just to get an egg on her face hahahah lol ūüėÄ

the character I don’t like is¬†Peter Van Houten I think he is drunk enough and mad really makes me feel anger

overall the story is good and well written I give it 3 and half stars of 5 ūüôā

The fault in our stars


Hello every one¬† ūüôā

Goodmorning or goodevening wherever you are in the world

I would like to share my reading¬† book,¬† as u see in the pic i’m reading the fault in our stars, i’m at the beginning¬† an i feel it good,¬† actually¬† before i buy this book i read many reviews about it the book touched ¬†the most and makes some cry, ¬†as well as it’s ¬†high rated and recommended in goodreads ,¬† really that makes me wonder! It must be a super book !¬† It may makes me cry as others¬† i will put Kleenex beside me lol: D.¬† Hmm I¬†¬† haven’t¬† cry¬† when I read sad books,¬† yes I¬† feel sad and depressed but no tears¬† lol,¬† (I¬† cry when i watch sad films¬† )¬† . i really¬† was¬† very curious and exciting i just want to know the story. so I bought¬† The book it’s now between my hands ūüėÄ i feel happy to have it..¬† i’m at 22 page till now it’s¬† good: )

I will share my feelings when i finish it; )

So if you read it you can tell ur feeling in comments: )