Happy Eid (feast)


Hi everyone,  have nice day all

Today’s morning it’s great moment to share it’s  the first day of the Eid (feast ) (eid al-adhah ) may god bless you all and fills your days with joy  and happy  times  🙂

The fault in our stars


Hello every one  🙂

Goodmorning or goodevening wherever you are in the world

I would like to share my reading  book,  as u see in the pic i’m reading the fault in our stars, i’m at the beginning  an i feel it good,  actually  before i buy this book i read many reviews about it the book touched  the most and makes some cry,  as well as it’s  high rated and recommended in goodreads ,  really that makes me wonder! It must be a super book !  It may makes me cry as others  i will put Kleenex beside me lol: D.  Hmm I   haven’t  cry  when I read sad books,  yes I  feel sad and depressed but no tears  lol,  (I  cry when i watch sad films  )  . i really  was  very curious and exciting i just want to know the story. so I bought  The book it’s now between my hands 😀 i feel happy to have it..  i’m at 22 page till now it’s  good: )

I will share my feelings when i finish it; )

So if you read it you can tell ur feeling in comments: )

Spering flowers


Today was special  day for me,  I went for a short trip with my brother , it was awesome trip: )  I didn’t  prepare anything  to take with but I enjoyed it much,  actually my brother was going to fix his car so I decided  to go with him 😉
The place was about 135 km away of my living  area . So it was  kind of fun to go to spring  place ,  I sat in flowers  garden and how happy this moment was for me , hmm I forgot my camera but my mobile did the job: D so I pictured a lot of these flowers it’s really pretty >> see









I wished to stay long here betweet these beautiful  flowers and the wether was nice too 🙂

Over mountain




Hope u enjoy it as i did haha 😀

New look

I want to share with you my last work made it the last week by Decoupage so the result is incredible I loved it really
For honest I didn’t  expect the result  but I did it well 😀 my sisters and friends like it too they opened their eyes wide when saw it hahahah 

It’s simple thing changed the look ,  i think now i can chose my bag style by napkins  😀 really it’s good idea no one will hold like my bag or my shoes lol: D

So let’s  start with the picture Before and after









The small bottle is a perfume bottle just for decor Hope you like it 😉

nutella cake


what a yummy cake!! 😀

I made this cake today , and enjoyed eating it with my lovely family 🙂 i really like it ,

by the way it’s the first time I decorate cake like this way lol 😀 looks awesome

enjoy the pics 😉




the work of this week



this was a work in this week , mini card and I do the bottle by decoupage


another work is an old decoration by different bottles I used unuseful  book put it in the tea to take the brown

color it looks old  and work on it by decoupage so I got nice pieces    😀 quick shoot





what happened !!!!

WhatIt would be a personal post so i will write what i feel now really!!

what happened ?? I really asked my self what happened to me I feel I lost my spirit and feeling down 😦 I lost my  enthusiasm for the things that interests me for everything I just don’t care about anything ! oh my god I didn’t feel like that before !! I graduated 6 months ago and the the first 3 months i felt freedom and happy I just have fun , but this 2 months I don’t feel well 😦 I’m really depressed I missed studying , yes I have full free time and can do what I want but  feel boring , I see my sisters go to school at morning , I wake up early stay alone  I don’t go on my goals don’t know why this feeling chases me although I determine my goals before and decided to make a schedule to manage my time well but I couldn’t control it  .  as I know myself I’m positive girl and always thinking positively but now I could say that it’s one of my negative feeling ( I haven’t any explanation about that !! maybe due to I live away of my relatives also I don’t contact with my friends I don’t go out a lot I lost them  ;( ………….I’m really confused !! A-B-Testing-Web-Design-1


I  like drawing , learn languages many things I planning to do  but now I feel I don’t want to do any thing of this I don’t log in to social websites , can’t write I lost my weight too imagine o_O …you know what I do?? I just thinking , thinking in what ?? in how I can back my spirit my enthusiasm , you may think I’m not normal at all  but that what happened ..

hmmm ..actually being Unemployment is not good at all or let me say being without doing anything not good anyway , I don’t know what will happen at the coming days whether got a job or complete my studying .but i’m not afraid of future  because it’s in the control of Allah ( god) or of being unemployed , because I will work in anything i will create my own business  I hope I could

now I don’t sit empty I just sit with my friend ( book)…I will try to pick up myself and go ahead , I will try to be positive 🙂

hmm I said what in my heart so never-mind  if you don’t find any benefit of my writing anyway



Happy fest !


I write my words with great of happiness
today is the second great fest
want to greet you all , from west to east
this is my letters said have wonderful ,joyful eid
hope smile fills your days
and delight doesn’t leave you house
enjoy whatever you can with your times


today after few hours from now will start the celebration of  Eid al adha , the second great Eid in the year

I’m so excited and feel happy 😀 but really I miss my aunts and my cousin because I can’t celebrated with them this eid

I’m away of them , anyway that’s not a matter for me 😉 cuz there is lot of sweets and fun which makes me enjoy 😀

wish you all blessed wonderful day  , and have delicious meat 😀


today was full of working on paper crafts ..actually I get tired but the results are so nice
I have got new friends 😀 and i’m so happy with that ..but they are not real 😉


I have seen many pictures include this model ( danbo) and the pictures has a meaning or message in it…

I wonder what’s wrong?? I think i’s famous doll among photographers

I wasn’t  know what is Danbo before I saw many photographers use it  as model on their pics ,

truly I guess danbo is not happy model  😀 if the mouth was overturned may it be happy 😉  ,anyway

I decided to make my own and create some pics with it , the idea worked out and my friend impressed with it

I fall in love with it too 😀

my little danbo greets you


danbo is not cheep as I think o_0 , don’t know why ?? it just a doll, also I don’t know where i can get it !!

anyway everyone can make one and picture with it 🙂 I get the pattern from google so I print it

then work on it,  of course I got help by video 😉  I spent for about 2 hours  , perhaps i spent much time but it’s not

so difficult , the other models are easy to do in just a few minutes




some pics I have made …….

love of the first sight lol 😀


hope you like my little group 🙂

Happy Eid ( fest)



hello everybody

wish you happy  fest and enjoyable one 😀 , it’s the 4 day now in this fest I can’t describe the happiness we got at Eid ( fest)

It’s gorgeous , these days full of blessing and  beautiful moments , where most of families gather with each other ,with relatives

and friends it’s the best days of keeping touch with people and friends and it’s day of getting gifts , even poor people

where no place for sadness , all are smiling specially children which made the Eid more Awesome including the fire works , parks money and sweets I love these days much 😉

I have spent the 3 days in such a special one ,  I gathered with my mom’s family and host a party where I used each moments 😀

 ,visited my relatives , and went to a  wonderful restaurant with my cousin

the only time I get comfort is my sleep I’m gonna to have fun with the rest of days lool 😀

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