feeling up


hello every body hope your day going well as mine 😉

I want to share you the feeling of today , I’m feeling great ,great

and I think the negative cloud that was in my head for a period of time has gone and I start to see the rainbow hahaah ( just kidding) 😀

anyway I feel happy for several reasons


capture-20131221-184920exciting right! 😉  it’s one of 2013 goals ,will finish the two books as soon as possible..

the last week I have read inspirational book  that made me thinking  how i can use my day well

will tell you I decided to do sport at morning ( for honest it’s the first time I do sport at morning !! yes i go for walk

sometimes but morning sport I want to tell it’s the best :D, and eating healthy food specially the breakfast also i found

nice way to evaluate my activities it’s making a table and at the end of the day  put a mark on the things that I do

  hope to continue  🙂

another thing i done and it was nice


I made motivational card ……….

I read for a lot of authors who said “write your dreams where you can see it everywhere “

well I thought in making a card where I can take it everywhere , I used an old bank card

and put the picture I want on it then write  my name and my dreams , it looks real 😀 I love it

easily put in in my wallet

cheers 😀

i read

I read

it was the tittle for a competition held a month ago and it’s get over now , aimed to expansion reading

between people whatever was their age consist of 3 parts

1- reading a book then summarize it

2- taking professional photo describes an idea

3-  taking photos for amateur which is by vote

Participants can choose any of these part  for sharing , I was excited to share them but unfortunately it’s not in my city

so i can’t share in the part 1 , so I decided to go ahead with taking picture ,hmm really I’m not professional enough but I hope my work

get their attention and be liked by them 😀  ,


really i tried many times to get this result 😉

the idea is ( reading is the light of mind ) the message behind this ( reading is the feed of our brain makes us see the life clearly

as we need food to get strength we need to words feed our souls  , supports our thoughts . reading answers lots of questions and

if you want to search for the truth about something go for reading )

I joined danbo too to be one of the reader lol 😀



I have read a quote about reading said

you can take trip by 3 things

1- travel

2-reading a book

3- reading a book about  trips

yes reading is trip ,, here is a video describes reading well , I love it hope you enjoy ,,before you open it wish me the good luck

i hope to win you can tell me your opinion about the photos too  😉

what are the books for me


I consider the books are the most interesting thing in standby time .
actually i was losing my temper when someone being late or when I wait for a long time , of course i was doing nothing then I decided to use this time in useful way whatever the place is in the car, hospital, ect 
i began reading books so I controlled my anger as well as I don’t feel boring unless i read boring book 🙂
there is an important thing I noticed for waiting time is represent sometimes about 30% of my day
I surprised by the time I have , at college I was have 3 hours empty everyday hmm in this hours I finished of many books
besides that my brain got feed as I think we should balance between our food for body
and feed of brain which rise the nation to the top .
also in books there is information not in textbooks and teachers don’t tell us about everything in life we should read, discover and learn .
as we hear books are good friend
yes totally agree with this term, cuz it can be with u anywhere , anytime
makes you laugh, and makes you cry , and times takes you to another world
when I was very young my mom was encourage us for reading so I told her to take me to the bookstore but she didn’t , cuz my dad has a library full of books , as i see that time it’s not of my interesting so i forgot the matter and give up reading
one day I was reading in a book , I read a term for someone said” I do not see a big difference between an educated person don’t read and ignorant person or uneducated person ” this is made me back to my mind and give books its value