Photos with danbo


This is my little  danbo when I got it out of the box,  it’s really cute.  This one made of hard plastic and I like the lighting eyes: D it switch off too ….






today was full of working on paper crafts ..actually I get tired but the results are so nice
I have got new friends 😀 and i’m so happy with that ..but they are not real 😉


I have seen many pictures include this model ( danbo) and the pictures has a meaning or message in it…

I wonder what’s wrong?? I think i’s famous doll among photographers

I wasn’t  know what is Danbo before I saw many photographers use it  as model on their pics ,

truly I guess danbo is not happy model  😀 if the mouth was overturned may it be happy 😉  ,anyway

I decided to make my own and create some pics with it , the idea worked out and my friend impressed with it

I fall in love with it too 😀

my little danbo greets you


danbo is not cheep as I think o_0 , don’t know why ?? it just a doll, also I don’t know where i can get it !!

anyway everyone can make one and picture with it 🙂 I get the pattern from google so I print it

then work on it,  of course I got help by video 😉  I spent for about 2 hours  , perhaps i spent much time but it’s not

so difficult , the other models are easy to do in just a few minutes




some pics I have made …….

love of the first sight lol 😀


hope you like my little group 🙂

recovering photos

I had lost all my photos in the camera few days ago , that was because of my cousin
I gave him the camera to take pictures he was happy and excited, said i’m gonna to buy one this festival …everything going normal and I never-mind if i make them try but I warn them to be careful when use it , anyway he began taking photos then his sister not happy with the photo he took for her , she forced him to delete it , he thought himself know how instead of deleting the one photo he deleted all photos in the camera!! , I wasn’t beside him , my sister called me to see what he was done !!!oh my god all photos were deleted I felt angry   
and feel like slapping his face, or scream on him  lol  PIC-592-1334573220,but I’m not used to hitting children , my mistake is I didn’t transfer all photos on PC only half of it , I really felt disappointment specially when I hold the camera no pics at all 😦 i was searching on the net if there is hope recover my photos , Fortunately I watched someone on you tube explain how you can get your photos back
I loaded the program on my PC called ( testdisk..within it photorecover ) I do the process , finally I have got my all photos back yapee 😀 yes some photos became small but the most in good quality. I’m happy with that, thanks god image32
next time I’m not going to give any child my own stuff anymore

this is how it look testdisk


here the process of recovering photos