only a bouquet on the door


organized it nicely, decorated it by small light hearts
for her it’s a beautiful day , not as every day
she feel her soul fly with scent , soon will visit her love garden
today she will celebrate, togather with darling friend
the minutes goes slowly , makes her more exciting
to give the gift , to be one of the guests
to clap warmly for her friend , shout loudly congrats
she dressed up but ………………

on the other side
her friend waiting , couldn’t hide her worries
sends messages , when are you coming ??
but no reply in this silent moment
she back talking , forgot what she had sent
after a period she got a call , someone on the door
by quick steps she left, down stairs stopped staring
there is only a bouquet with gift , without her dear friend
she felt disappointment , whished to see her beside