New look

I want to share with you my last work made it the last week by Decoupage so the result is incredible I loved it really
For honest I didn’t  expect the result  but I did it well 😀 my sisters and friends like it too they opened their eyes wide when saw it hahahah 

It’s simple thing changed the look ,  i think now i can chose my bag style by napkins  😀 really it’s good idea no one will hold like my bag or my shoes lol: D

So let’s  start with the picture Before and after









The small bottle is a perfume bottle just for decor Hope you like it 😉


today was full of working on paper crafts ..actually I get tired but the results are so nice
I have got new friends 😀 and i’m so happy with that ..but they are not real 😉


I have seen many pictures include this model ( danbo) and the pictures has a meaning or message in it…

I wonder what’s wrong?? I think i’s famous doll among photographers

I wasn’t  know what is Danbo before I saw many photographers use it  as model on their pics ,

truly I guess danbo is not happy model  😀 if the mouth was overturned may it be happy 😉  ,anyway

I decided to make my own and create some pics with it , the idea worked out and my friend impressed with it

I fall in love with it too 😀

my little danbo greets you


danbo is not cheep as I think o_0 , don’t know why ?? it just a doll, also I don’t know where i can get it !!

anyway everyone can make one and picture with it 🙂 I get the pattern from google so I print it

then work on it,  of course I got help by video 😉  I spent for about 2 hours  , perhaps i spent much time but it’s not

so difficult , the other models are easy to do in just a few minutes




some pics I have made …….

love of the first sight lol 😀


hope you like my little group 🙂