I smiled when I saw her message


It has been a months without talking
don’t know her news or where she went
days passed but I didn’t forget when we got to know
and how together we were share our thoughts
then without notice she left ,
I was wondering why? what is the reason??
meeting again was just a dream or a hope for me
till came this day I was feeling upset
I opened my box to checking the messages
what I saw is a great surprise!!
she sent to me “back again ”
I couldn’t believe ,when I saw her name
I smiled and that’s makes me happy to hear she is OK 😉




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happiness is not measured by money or position it’s what feel inside
don’t search far away it may sleeps near , just look right and left you will see great things
happiness in the beautiful simple things
in a smile of child , Contentment , helping others , success and gathering with family ect
staying  without doing anything brings boring , emptiness is killer
there are many things we can do it in  a free time brings happiness

1- read any favorite book
2- practice sports
3-practice hobbies and skills
4-visit a friend, neighbor, relative or call who we love
5-taking a picnic to a garden ,shore or any nice place
6-possess a dream and fight for to get it
7- meditation in nature
8- stay a lone for a time and forget everything annoying , remembering a beautiful moments
9-learn new thing
10-eating chocolate yeah that’s true and this what i like to do lool 😀 .. click here
11-devoted a time for worship
12-caring for anything , flowers, plant, animal
13-watching comedy

and many things you can fill your life or time with

don’t forget to open your window to the world be optimistic and positive
smile to the world , it will smiles for you and happiness echos will back to you





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If  I could dive deep in the sea

and search for a sparkling pearl

It would be nice trying , and I will put it in any of my designs

that means precious thing to me

makes me jump of happiness and yell 😀

but I’m just diving in a dream

all I can do is focus on being  jewelry designer     

then I can catch precious stones

and make it real sold in the shops

……..and give a gifts for all who i love




I’m I dream now? I guess No

 god willing I do 😀 😀