Happy Eid (feast)


Hi everyone,  have nice day all

Today’s morning it’s great moment to share it’s  the first day of the Eid (feast ) (eid al-adhah ) may god bless you all and fills your days with joy  and happy  times  🙂

photos through eid days

Happy fest !


I write my words with great of happiness
today is the second great fest
want to greet you all , from west to east
this is my letters said have wonderful ,joyful eid
hope smile fills your days
and delight doesn’t leave you house
enjoy whatever you can with your times


today after few hours from now will start the celebration of  Eid al adha , the second great Eid in the year

I’m so excited and feel happy 😀 but really I miss my aunts and my cousin because I can’t celebrated with them this eid

I’m away of them , anyway that’s not a matter for me 😉 cuz there is lot of sweets and fun which makes me enjoy 😀

wish you all blessed wonderful day  , and have delicious meat 😀

Happy Eid ( fest)



hello everybody

wish you happy  fest and enjoyable one 😀 , it’s the 4 day now in this fest I can’t describe the happiness we got at Eid ( fest)

It’s gorgeous , these days full of blessing and  beautiful moments , where most of families gather with each other ,with relatives

and friends it’s the best days of keeping touch with people and friends and it’s day of getting gifts , even poor people

where no place for sadness , all are smiling specially children which made the Eid more Awesome including the fire works , parks money and sweets I love these days much 😉

I have spent the 3 days in such a special one ,  I gathered with my mom’s family and host a party where I used each moments 😀

 ,visited my relatives , and went to a  wonderful restaurant with my cousin

the only time I get comfort is my sleep I’m gonna to have fun with the rest of days lool 😀

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happy feast

accepted hajj and gulit forgiven

the journey of pilgrimage, where a lot of people from over the world come to makkah for pilgrimage The fifth pillar of Islam ..hoping of god to forgive them  , guide them to the right way , and to  the paradise

today is the 9th day in this month Dhul-Hijja (the Month of Hajj)  it is great day for all Muslims around the world . called ( day of arafa ) where over of 2 million  pilgrims  stand in one place ( Arafat) wearing the white dress, in this place no difference between   nationalities  , languages , poor and rich , they are the same   wearing  the same dress , have a white heart without hatred .  standing together,  raising their hands in Humility

praying for god to forgive their sins and grant them with his  mercy and grace , accept the good deeds , and achieve their wishes

the feelings cannot be described  ..I congratulate  these people they are so happy there and delighted . may allah accept them and they back without sins as they were born

hope all of them enjoy the journey of pilgrimage and back for their families safely


Tomorrow we will celebrating  by the second feast in the year ( adha eid) for 4 days

Eating meats ,gather with relatives , and going for a picnic,

how’s funny this sheep haha lol 😀

Happy eid (feast)  for all of you .hope you enjoy your time 😉