hello everyone !! I guess it has been a week or so I didn’t put any post here

few days ago I was feeling ill , but now I’m feeling well 🙂

well , I have learnt new kind of art want to share it with you  😀 called decoupage ,

It’s about renew the old stuff or add pretty touch on the things that you may throwing in the rubbish

actually I love it love it much 😀 because I can create new decoration and pretty I think it’s beautiful than

what I buy it from store , and even by simple stuff not cost a lot

let me give you short info about it >>

decoupage, also spelled Découpage,  (French: “cutting out”), the art of cutting and pasting cutouts to simulate painting on a wood, metal, or glass surface. There are many variations in technique, but the four basic steps of decoupage generally are cutting out the pictures, arranging them to depict a scene or tell a story, pasting them on a surface, and applying several (sometimes up to 12) thin coats of varnish or lacquer to the pictures.

Influenced by a tradition of cut work that includes the paper cutting of the ancient Chinese, the felt appliqués found among the Siberian peoples, and the Polish folk art of paper cutting, decoupage originated in France in the 17th century as a means of decorating bookcases, cabinets, and other pieces of furniture. It spread throughout Europe and in the 18th century became a fashionable pastime, especially at the Italian, French, and English courts. Graceful, charming, and colourful designs, cut from pictures printed expressly for this purpose, were applied to fans, screens, and toilet articles. In the 19th century, peep shows, miniature vistas viewed through a small opening, were constructed of decoupage.

The French Art Deco designer Jean-Michel Frank used decoupage on some of his earliest Parsons tables in Paris in the 1920s. Decoupage was revived in the United States in the 1960s, as a popular decoration for boxes, trays, wastebaskets, lampshades, chests, and screens.

………the supplies you need is

decoupage glue


white acrylic color



decoupage paper or napkin

this what i used , there is another things but I’m at the beginning don’t know it




anyway here is my applying   hope you like it 🙂

step one I brought an old plate


next I colored it with white color


then cut the napkin and glue it on the plate after it dry spray it by varnish ,the final shape


on another plate


on the juice bottle  I do the same thing but i replaced white color by white spray to gives me the smooth touch


with my coffee 😀



well that’s all will share you my next work if i do 😉

white flower








rose photograhy