Ramadan Mubark



Ramadan Mubark 

the month of mercy and forgiveness 

Always ask god for forgiveness

Nowadays became lie between friends
Truth is rare , hardly accept
Gossiping in each conversation
And other topics are not interesting
Only looking for others mistakes
Laughing on their style
When someone gives an advice
They answer
We have a fun , let us enjoy
What the shame! For something wrong makes them happy
I really regret hear that of friend
So , I keept silent they asked why ?
Sorry, this is not my moral and I won’t be with
No more sins, it’s enough mine
I pray for god to be honest
And not fall in such a bad habits
Of course I’m human being full of mistakes
But I dont make others my fun
And always ask god for forgiveness

happy feast

accepted hajj and gulit forgiven

the journey of pilgrimage, where a lot of people from over the world come to makkah for pilgrimage The fifth pillar of Islam ..hoping of god to forgive them  , guide them to the right way , and to  the paradise

today is the 9th day in this month Dhul-Hijja (the Month of Hajj)  it is great day for all Muslims around the world . called ( day of arafa ) where over of 2 million  pilgrims  stand in one place ( Arafat) wearing the white dress, in this place no difference between   nationalities  , languages , poor and rich , they are the same   wearing  the same dress , have a white heart without hatred .  standing together,  raising their hands in Humility

praying for god to forgive their sins and grant them with his  mercy and grace , accept the good deeds , and achieve their wishes

the feelings cannot be described  ..I congratulate  these people they are so happy there and delighted . may allah accept them and they back without sins as they were born

hope all of them enjoy the journey of pilgrimage and back for their families safely


Tomorrow we will celebrating  by the second feast in the year ( adha eid) for 4 days

Eating meats ,gather with relatives , and going for a picnic,

how’s funny this sheep haha lol 😀

Happy eid (feast)  for all of you .hope you enjoy your time 😉

forgive >>you are human

 open forgiveness page , because you are a human ..

not wise person who lose  someone because of one mistake..

all of us humans and all fell into mistakes ..

but who recognize, who apologize ,is really have high moral level..

we hurt , but don’t make it revenging

imagine all mistakes like broke glass in the trash throwing it…

the real revenge is forgiveness, sets you free of hate

ready to erase everything, that’s pure hearts ..

not worth our lives sadness, today will goes, and tomorrow all cover in grave

be the first one who forgive, not weakness but brave heart