can love be eaten !!

do you think love can be eaten??

Hmm Yes  I  think that !  if something made by love spirit
such what ??????

such as apple pie made by love shape 🙂



>> oh my god it’s looks so yummy 😀
I baked this lovely pie today for my family  and how pretty it was
this was a moment to share the love with my family , sure they gathered to eat from it and like how it looks too 🙂

sometime each one are busy by work or study so that we don’t sit together without doing something , this way make us share the moment of eating love sweet , I like that

actually I couldn’t wait to eat from it when I was taking pictures haha 😀 because I was hungry






IMG_5364 IMG_5362


I believe that love not only can be said love can be made 

made to eat too 😀 😀


green smoothie








it’s my first time  tried this green smoothie when I saw it I thought it  tastes terrible because of the green color 😀

but when I made it , it tastes good and healthy so I’m gonna to try it with other flavors


the ingredients 

2 cups fresh Spinach

2 cups water

1 cup pineapple

1 cup mango

2 banana

and I added a half orange so it’s up to you

the method

put the spinach and water in the blender and blend

then put the other ingredients and have fun with the healthy taste 😀