back with graduation cap

hello everybody !! 🙂

It has been a month or so I’m out of  blogging ,really I missed everythig

I don’t know what to say and how deescribes my feelings ..I’m feeling happy sad and can’t beleive

yesterday was a special one will stay in mind ever , actually it was my last day

at college , OMG I can’t believe that , I can’t imagine I’m graduated and won’t

be there again , but that this the true, yeah I GRADUATED and of course I’m so pleased  56643


the last moment in lines !!

at 3:20 AM I woke up to review my lessons till 6:00 am

7:00 AM  I dressed up and check my bag to see everything is there

at 7:46 AM I got out of home to the car with my brother , the weather was cloudy but it’s so hot

At 7:53 AM I get in the college and quickly went to the hall where the exam there

At 8:00 AM start the exam ..during the exam I felt sleepy 😛 actually I was tired the night before the exam I didn’t

sleep well maybe about 1 hour only ..but I did well & I hope the result is good 🙂

At 10:00 AM I finished my exam  oh i really was happy I met my friends &  greeting them

At 10:10 I met my new friend I knew her a couple of weeks before the exams , she asked me if I will  go to home now or not?

I said no, I will stay for  a minutes then go to home . she took my number then I went ……

At 10:20 I went to the coffee shop ( really I like the smell of coffee 🙂 ) I ordered french toffee  it’s my favorite taste

At 10: 30 I met the same girl at the same place she was out of collage  I guess she went to buy something , she told me to wait for a moment

then she came to me with a pink rose ( Awww I got surprised me I don’t know her much and she give me a rose says that’s for ur graduation ..I much appreciated her and thanked her for that she is lovely girl 🙂



hmm really I’m happy also I feel I will miss studying 😦 although at first time I was hate this college  and I got to a department

don’t love  it  but now I can go ahead with it and I’m physics scientist  loool 😀 , don’t know what to do the coming days maybe complete

studying ( back student again ) hmm don’t know , anyway I will celebrate first and have a fun then think 🙂 🙂