can love be eaten !!

do you think love can be eaten??

Hmm Yes  I  think that !  if something made by love spirit
such what ??????

such as apple pie made by love shape 🙂



>> oh my god it’s looks so yummy 😀
I baked this lovely pie today for my family  and how pretty it was
this was a moment to share the love with my family , sure they gathered to eat from it and like how it looks too 🙂

sometime each one are busy by work or study so that we don’t sit together without doing something , this way make us share the moment of eating love sweet , I like that

actually I couldn’t wait to eat from it when I was taking pictures haha 😀 because I was hungry






IMG_5364 IMG_5362


I believe that love not only can be said love can be made 

made to eat too 😀 😀


Two we are in one heart


lucky to have someone like you

when I found true friends are few

appreciate the time when we met

mean to me a moment never forget

we weren’t talking much as close friends

day by day got know each other well

I remember the frequent ringtones you were sent

and how I feel happy when read your messages

but the fate took us away in different path

not away of each other hearts

I admit you are the person who understand

who is ready anytime to hold my hand

although the distance between us a miles

but we always find the way of smile

even when differ in one point

and everyone go with his choice

even we disagree of the most things

and everyone go with what  believe

we still together stand side  by side

pray god to protect our friendship

and I give you all my respect

pencil drawing






My birthplace


One place my soul miss ,and still belong to
There I lived my first childhood
For years I moved but it’s pulses with my heart
The place that I never ever forget
Whatever I lived in this wide world
Will be so excited to visit  my birthplace
Between my friends and relatives . 🙂

The best friend




By chance we got to know ….
Like two colors in the rainbow…
When I’m alone you were the shadow..
Always there your voice echo…
You mean a lot to my heart…
What a blessing I have got!! …
You were the box of my secrets …
As sparkling jewel on my earring…
Precious treasure rare to find..
Your friendship is crown on my head..
with you I’m so proud …
You picked me up whan I fell down..
Made me look at stars not at the ground..
Guided me straight to the hope town…
You taught me write the music of my life..
and how to be singer of my happiness..
I played it well , and now I sing..
You are the best the best my friend .

burning on the wood 2


love is peace born of  hearts 


An empty envelope


while checking the postbox
searching between envelopes
for the name of someone dear and beloved
has deep place into my heart
I picked up the envelope happily
sat on the window open it
but the surprise is
it’s an empty without anything
only the name and addresses
felt sad at the  first time
threw it with the wind flying
but i’m glad knowing this person is fine
and thought it’s invisible lines
written by magic pen
no eyes can sees , only heart reads
love is
when you don’t find any words to say
when you can’t express your emotions and feelings
when you miss someone a lot and the far distance between you
seems too near
love is whispers from heart to heart
not by words , not by action , just state of feelings


scream of a child between the rocks


what is my guilt t to be homeless

without food, toys and warm dress

 want to run and play with  friends

back in mom lap , feel her kisses on my  cheek ,

 feel her warm hands  wrap my fears ..the only one who I sleep safely with

they steal my smiles , they steal my innocence

for my crying  they are ignorant

the shame on them , they are not  Victorious

every day I pray and pray

to be safe ,in  peace with  all my family

live in lovely house without an enemies

my heart is pure love is for all

why I’m forced for hating  which i don’t know

why I see the rocks and bombs kills others in front

I’m an innocent have no weapon only weapon is my tears

but  be sure , without a doubt

today I’m a weak , tomorrow I’m strong

will defend my family ,my country and myself

with my body with all I have till the last drop of my blood

my wish to the world


My wish to the world is becomes place for peace..

Stop  wars , killing people and children

Stop  hate nationalities , and religions

 all are  humans on the earth

No difference between our colors and shapes

poor people and rich ..

the same heart we have  , the same air we breath

Wish we become one hand like bees cooperating

Like one family our hearts  full of loving

Like one soul , appreciate others feelings

hope peace for all and peace of mind

What I learnt of life 2


When all chances in front you goes ,try the shift may it work out *

*Not everyone who smile at you have a pure heart , some are smiling but from inside are wicked

*Don’t love anyone more than he/ she deserves , one day will leave and my feelings totally destroy

I’m free to say what I want , but my conscience makes me think thousand once *


*Little things makes big things , we should not be on Hurry , it’s taken step by step

*There is always pen and paper , who is ready to take the life’s test and accept success or failure who will live the great adventure

Hearts has keys , one of them is smiling and respect *

*Some silly questions makes me ask?? , but the answer is keep silent and nevermind

To say No not means ending the relation between your beloved *

Belief is the first step of success *

There is someone want me to be successful, so, should  doing  my best to make them joyful*

   *If someone wanna break your leg and let you down to stop , stand on the third one it’s hope       

*Don’t regret for the friends who leave you and go without a reason  , perhaps they were want  to destroy your life but they fail ..

Do your best even you are stressed , it may the last step to get success*

*Friends are always motivate you, so, they support by words , enemies don’t stop squib, so , I don’t give up challenge


*don’t depend on the  others to support you  .because  sometime you don’t get  support of them so  support yourself make them wondered how you do it alone!!!

*Don’t say I can’t at all, but say let me try now 

*Education may puts me in a good position , but self learning makes me perfect in performance 


*there is no limits for creativity , it depends on how you use your mind positively


failure is essential station in the success map , don’t worry , it’s experience how   to reach the top