a match on your playground



you are on your own playground at the match between you and life
you have your own skills , your own way of play
you can choose between entertaining fans or scoring goals
or just do the both
but don’t stop playing to watch the run of play
keep learning and running till the end
and take in mind scoring goals just needs  an exercise

what I can’t accept


I can accept criticism because it may help
I can accept failure because it the base of success
I can accept difference because it’s natural in human
I can accept mistakes because I learn of it
I can accept deficiency because none is perfect
I can accept darkness because there is mind light
but what I can’t ever accept is giving up because I have FAITH 

The best friend




By chance we got to know ….
Like two colors in the rainbow…
When I’m alone you were the shadow..
Always there your voice echo…
You mean a lot to my heart…
What a blessing I have got!! …
You were the box of my secrets …
As sparkling jewel on my earring…
Precious treasure rare to find..
Your friendship is crown on my head..
with you I’m so proud …
You picked me up whan I fell down..
Made me look at stars not at the ground..
Guided me straight to the hope town…
You taught me write the music of my life..
and how to be singer of my happiness..
I played it well , and now I sing..
You are the best the best my friend .

winners don’t do different things ……..


not everything can get by easy way or immediately

sometime we need to look for the things by different vision, try all the ways as we can
to find what are we looking for

I like a quote by shiv khera  on his book *you can win *said

winners don’t do different things they do things DIFFERENTLY ”  

actually it gives  a positive feelings

I smiled when I saw her message


It has been a months without talking
don’t know her news or where she went
days passed but I didn’t forget when we got to know
and how together we were share our thoughts
then without notice she left ,
I was wondering why? what is the reason??
meeting again was just a dream or a hope for me
till came this day I was feeling upset
I opened my box to checking the messages
what I saw is a great surprise!!
she sent to me “back again ”
I couldn’t believe ,when I saw her name
I smiled and that’s makes me happy to hear she is OK 😉


blessing of morning














light bulb concept


I have been nominated for the Illuminating blogger award by Akanksha thanks  alot  for your kind  I’m honored 🙂


the roles

1-Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2-Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.

3-Share a random thing about yourself.

4-Select 5 or more nominees for the award, a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs


random thing about me 

actually I’m tired thinking about a project this semester , I work hard  like Einstein haha lool

just kindding 😀 , hope everything go well


my nomination










window of hope



from a window not in real room
overlooks on a nicely view
full of beautiful, blooming flowers
clearly I can see the world, the stars , blue sky
and the bright moon
here I stood on my feet , letting my soul go through it
building a dreams bridge
where faith and belief  lies
I got support and strength
learnt language of desire and ambition
for the time I feel hopeless
for the time I’m prisoner of sadness
for the time I feel so weak
there is one way I head for, rise on the letters of hope
because I know , there is no barriers or limits for dreams
If there is hope yarns

It’s great thing to open such this window and make it as real one for our soul
it’s our inspiration , give us a light , a breath, a strength , like a nice journey
to the place we love to go , makes us forget the past , looking in front to the sun
makes us forget the fall , raise our head to stars , makes us forget harsh critique
replace it with ” nothing impossible”……

back again



hello everybody again

today I have finished my last exam>>>>>was a piece of cake 😀

my feelings is super , I hope the results is good

I’m tired wanna sleep for two days lool ..kidding 🙂

Well my holiday start and I’m exciting want celebrate and enjoy
Wish it full of good things .

Two candels are never closed


Confusing and feeling depressed
Tired under stress
May still few steps
And there is great light at the end
It’s a few days
As fighting in a square of challenge
But I need a part of time
Taking deep sleep
Several time
To get strength
But two things are spiruts
Keep me going
Makes me hold on
Motivation and hope
Are two candels never closed