what I can’t accept


I can accept criticism because it may help
I can accept failure because it the base of success
I can accept difference because it’s natural in human
I can accept mistakes because I learn of it
I can accept deficiency because none is perfect
I can accept darkness because there is mind light
but what I can’t ever accept is giving up because I have FAITH¬†

Always ask god for forgiveness

Nowadays became lie between friends
Truth is rare , hardly accept
Gossiping in each conversation
And other topics are not interesting
Only looking for others mistakes
Laughing on their style
When someone gives an advice
They answer
We have a fun , let us enjoy
What the shame! For something wrong makes them happy
I really regret hear that of friend
So , I keept silent they asked why ?
Sorry, this is not my moral and I won’t be with
No more sins, it’s enough mine
I pray for god to be honest
And not fall in such a bad habits
Of course I’m human being full of mistakes
But I dont make others my fun
And always ask god for forgiveness