famous places


pizap.com136543543746817ere is some famous places around the world and it represent a part of the country culture , some places also classified of the Seven Wonders . most of these places never been empty of visitors through the year , so there is a millions people visit it

drawings with some information about them from wikipedia ūüôā

 the holy Kaaba

kabba  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaaba

Khalifa tower

khalifa tower


 leaning  tower of pisa

leaninf pisa tower





Eiffel Tower



Taj Mahal



the great wall of china

great-wall china



greeting by different languages

Hello- English

Salut- French


Hola- Spanish

Olá-  Portuguese

n«ź h«éo- Chinese

merhaba- Turkish

hallo- German  

 konnichiwa- Japanese

I would like to greet you all by my¬†original¬†greeting ( peace be upon you and god’s mercy and blessing )

a  question is always asked ..why you learn languages ? are we need it in our life !! or it just wasting our time

of course we need languages in our life

Learning languages is a part of other culture  and there are many benefits of learning languages of others

First of all as the prophet Mohammed ( PEACE BE UPON HIM) said ¬†” who Learn the language of folk security of their plot ” so you will be safe of cheaters

it’s interesting thing when you visit the country you talk their language so you can easily communicate with people , ask them for* anything you don’t know so ¬†you won’t losing .also you know about them and so on

 your talk will be near to their hearts ..they will understand you well and may your word touches them deeply*

avoids you suffering of Alzheimer’s when you get old, also it’s Strengthens memory*

 also you can read in their books and learn many things enrich your information*

In the most of schools  around the world there is another language should be learn ..so it helps for studying

  learning languages makes you able reading the information on the imported devices from another countries*

so you can use the device well  

Actually¬†¬†I’m interesting learning languages I have learnt ¬†English the last two years and I still learning

I have got many benefits . it helped me in my studying  and I began read few books  .so I started write by English really I enjoy

¬† ¬†..also i’m lucky I can communicate with you by¬†English¬†and ¬† read others writing and poems i discovered another world here full of ¬† ¬†interesting things how that awesome

And I wish to learn another one too .French and Turkish

I know little French I’m ¬†just a beginner and Turkish is easy has many words alike to some words in my language

so if you are interesting in learning languages visit this sites it’s good ūüôā



also if you¬†would¬†greet us by ur language welcome ūüėÄ