2013 goals



 🙂 hello everybody have nice day , I think many of you achieve some of  goals in 2013 congrats for you all

Want to share what I achieved too and what I faced by the way I will be little talkative in this post I would share my moments

First let me show you my goals in 2013 which I wrote it in the versatile blogger award !!

 1-read 50 books or more

2- design at least 30 unique and nice  patterns of jewelry

3- I have wrote a story so I wanna publish it online

4-improve my level in English and français

5-mange my time well

6-I would learn photography

7- save a part of my money to buying new laptop

let’s started 😀 😀



For the first goal  achieved J actually it was nice journey to a wide world of  different cultures ,Let me say that at first time I feel reading by the way in the past wasn’t  read much I was just read what I want also if my mood allow hahah and if I found the book hard to me quit reading ,, but now whether my mood is good or bad I read when I feel happy find it enjoying when I’m sad it makes me feel better . I regret don’t reading well before but I understand this statement ” read what you like then you will read everything ”  yes that’s true now I can read everything  even if was boring by the way I have read that ” there is no boring book” hmm I don’t agree with it totally ,but I can say “you will find good thing always even if  was boring book ” I touched that myself through reading some boring book , at least I found some good sentences . I can’t describe the benefits I  got , really I got a lot also I found great topics to discuss  with my family and times I tell them the stories I read really nice thing .reading is a big sea you will find lots of precious stuff if you get  deeply , hmm for me I was swimming on the surface but now I tried to dive deeply 🙂



For the 2 goal I didn’t achieve it exactly I designed 21 patterns hmm also not all of them I like it 😀  anyway I  tried but what I feel sad for is that I feel I didn’t  go many steps , could you imagine I just design jewelries without making one real I have about 100 designs , the good thing I do is I contacted with a jewelry designer and shown her some of mine she gave me her opinion  said it’s nice but you need some basics in drawing  , I’m ready to take any courses but in my area no courses no colleges for this major ..Hmm really makes me disappointment , I thought to make my designs myself  but I discovered it need lot of money if I used gold or other gems ,must be a company or so , overall I hope to find good luck in this business

For the 3 goal , not achieved the problem I faced in editing my story ..but I found a website and soon I will contact them to edit it for me 🙂


this was french breakfast 😉 the book for learning french called ( learn french in just 15 minutes a day with 2 CDs ) it’s nice and help

For the 4 goal , so so hahaha it was not determined well I must determine the level I want to reach it should be  measurable , anyway I test my English level the result was good not expected lol specially I was not good in grammar that was my problem , still for me just one level to be advanced . I tried to read English book do you know what happen ….I put dictionary besides me lol and felt sad first lot of vocabulary I don’t know it , I think it doesn’t matter I add it as new vocabulary to my English

French I didn’t make a test for French cuz I think I will get no result 😀 😀 for one reason I don’t reached at least the elementary level , I have no teacher I just learn from different sources , I blame myself I must be obliged by what I determined , you know the mood right?? so it beats me here , time it said lets have fun and times said there is lot of time , that what happened but it doesn’t mean i didn’t take any lessons I took some lessons but I still in beginner level I know some words too , let me write some words here 😉


                                                                                                                 j’aime la francais

je m’appelle mariam

ma préférée couleur :

bleu, blanche, marron

j’aime la cafe au lait de matin

ma  préférée sport

la notation 🙂

for the 5 goal  I made a table  to but I failed , the  Episodic events was The problem which I think I take the table  more seriously  that should do everything in its time , what I learnt is that the thing don’t do it today for any reason do it tomorrow  ,I guess  the last month I succeed in control my time not completely but I do many good things

for the 6 goal .learning photography was the most interesting thing this year I loved it. The camera is the third eye for photographers , by camera you freeze the moment Picture closely ,picture flying things, photography allow you to meet new beautiful things always!!  times I faced funny events by holding the camera ..one day I was on the beach at night and I was taking pictures by flash a boy came and said : hey you pictured  the women!! I just close my camera .  But I wasn’t put the camera toward them I don’t know some people afraid of  camera holder they afraid to picture them , anyway I don’t picture people if I don’t take their permission .. and I want to give my thank to some blogs here I learn from you a lot thank you 🙂 here are some pictures

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7- not achieved called me wasted girl I save some money but I used it for another thing so now I can ask my dad for help lol 😀

Another work I have learnt this year is decoupage by this work you can turn the things that worth nothing to something beautiful for decoration

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That’s what was in 2013 and I think I achieved 50% of the goals hmm not very happy with the result anyway  will celebrate my achievements 😀  I will do my effort in 2014 ………..hope you didn’t feel boring 😀

today my friend made a blog happy she joined me , she is new here hope you visit her blog 🙂 asouna

what I can’t accept


I can accept criticism because it may help
I can accept failure because it the base of success
I can accept difference because it’s natural in human
I can accept mistakes because I learn of it
I can accept deficiency because none is perfect
I can accept darkness because there is mind light
but what I can’t ever accept is giving up because I have FAITH 

what are the books for me


I consider the books are the most interesting thing in standby time .
actually i was losing my temper when someone being late or when I wait for a long time , of course i was doing nothing then I decided to use this time in useful way whatever the place is in the car, hospital, ect 
i began reading books so I controlled my anger as well as I don’t feel boring unless i read boring book 🙂
there is an important thing I noticed for waiting time is represent sometimes about 30% of my day
I surprised by the time I have , at college I was have 3 hours empty everyday hmm in this hours I finished of many books
besides that my brain got feed as I think we should balance between our food for body
and feed of brain which rise the nation to the top .
also in books there is information not in textbooks and teachers don’t tell us about everything in life we should read, discover and learn .
as we hear books are good friend
yes totally agree with this term, cuz it can be with u anywhere , anytime
makes you laugh, and makes you cry , and times takes you to another world
when I was very young my mom was encourage us for reading so I told her to take me to the bookstore but she didn’t , cuz my dad has a library full of books , as i see that time it’s not of my interesting so i forgot the matter and give up reading
one day I was reading in a book , I read a term for someone said” I do not see a big difference between an educated person don’t read and ignorant person or uneducated person ” this is made me back to my mind and give books its value

winners don’t do different things ……..


not everything can get by easy way or immediately

sometime we need to look for the things by different vision, try all the ways as we can
to find what are we looking for

I like a quote by shiv khera  on his book *you can win *said

winners don’t do different things they do things DIFFERENTLY ”  

actually it gives  a positive feelings

between an old books !!




What a mess ???!!
Well, all these mess of papers written from 3 and some from 6 years
I found it between an old books in a bag , actually, I laughed on my writing and my thoughts 😀
Because in these papers something represent me now and some are crazy , I don’t know what the relation between pen, papers and me , everywhere at home I write on a paper anything come to mind or maybe a procedure for making something then let it , of course  my mom doesn’t like the mess I made ( she is right 😉 ) , she gonna hits me one day lool, anyway, she keep it save ( my big appreciation to my mom ). these papers contain an ideas , my message to life , a report actually it was a homework when I was at school , a design just a sketch , alot of things I wonder why not thrown in the rubbish , but I guess great things doesn’t find it way to the rubbish …..hahaha 

.many ideas gathered from books or the network I see it good 

so to be more arrangement put it here

 I have organized all of this in a notebook to write everything interest me


 this is the begining of the notebook , you see I’m crazy about designing 😀 hmm( will tell you later why)

the last pic on the right a list of my dreams

I have read in a books if you write down your dreams and focus on it , it come true ..
I agree with it, thoughts leaves the papers and come true ( try why not!!)  ,


devices is makes it easier as well

😀 😀


light bulb concept


I have been nominated for the Illuminating blogger award by Akanksha thanks  alot  for your kind  I’m honored 🙂


the roles

1-Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2-Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.

3-Share a random thing about yourself.

4-Select 5 or more nominees for the award, a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs


random thing about me 

actually I’m tired thinking about a project this semester , I work hard  like Einstein haha lool

just kindding 😀 , hope everything go well


my nomination











hi everybody 🙂

I have bought a cam two weeks ago , it’s finepix s4000 , really I don’t see it alot with people also

no more people talk about it mostly canon and nikon ..that’s feel me it’s not good

anyway I bought it and i’m gonna to learn on 131 …hmm actually it has a good properties not so bad 😀




I read the manual about this camera and saw few viedo about how using a camera

I’m already  understood some of the basics ,then I tryied it myself

here is my applying by different modes. the first 6 pics without an effect , the others I increase the brightness

alittle because it seems little pale

 😀 please feel free to give me and an advice and criticism

actually I face problem with light ,  when i want to shoot a landscap 😦 the pictures are not clear enough

maybe I need to practice many times cuz I’m just a beginner 🙂 I need you opinion on the pics ..thanks




What I learnt of life 2


When all chances in front you goes ,try the shift may it work out *

*Not everyone who smile at you have a pure heart , some are smiling but from inside are wicked

*Don’t love anyone more than he/ she deserves , one day will leave and my feelings totally destroy

I’m free to say what I want , but my conscience makes me think thousand once *


*Little things makes big things , we should not be on Hurry , it’s taken step by step

*There is always pen and paper , who is ready to take the life’s test and accept success or failure who will live the great adventure

Hearts has keys , one of them is smiling and respect *

*Some silly questions makes me ask?? , but the answer is keep silent and nevermind

To say No not means ending the relation between your beloved *

Belief is the first step of success *

There is someone want me to be successful, so, should  doing  my best to make them joyful*

   *If someone wanna break your leg and let you down to stop , stand on the third one it’s hope       

*Don’t regret for the friends who leave you and go without a reason  , perhaps they were want  to destroy your life but they fail ..

Do your best even you are stressed , it may the last step to get success*

*Friends are always motivate you, so, they support by words , enemies don’t stop squib, so , I don’t give up challenge


*don’t depend on the  others to support you  .because  sometime you don’t get  support of them so  support yourself make them wondered how you do it alone!!!

*Don’t say I can’t at all, but say let me try now 

*Education may puts me in a good position , but self learning makes me perfect in performance 


*there is no limits for creativity , it depends on how you use your mind positively


failure is essential station in the success map , don’t worry , it’s experience how   to reach the top


what I learnt of life !!

*To learn of my mistakes , and use it as  stone to built stairs to my goals
*Slap the sadness till it cry then wipe its tears by happiness tissues 

*Close light of thinking and let the cells sleeps even brain needs  rest 

*There is always place to escape to when I get stress ..its the place where I can take deep breath 

*To live like childen as they don’t have problems. Play like younger as they enjoy their life, and think like wise man  as I can make change in this world 

*To love what I’m doing even if I don’t like it ..it’s the best way to create amazing thing and avoid boring !

To buy many things without money ….
To buy hearts by showing respect
To buy trust by loyalty
To Buy advice by following it
To Buy love by caring
To Buy smiling by drawing it
To Buy luck by doing effort
but I Buy food by money hehehe  🙂

*Beat negative critiques by showing my smile  because I can do it!!

*Don’t belittle others no one  is complete, all have skills

*Read successful stories to charge my though positively ,when get down of people negatively

*Don’t show all my skills for the enemies .because they will use it to attack me behind

*don’t trust who don’t trust me

to be continued …………..