technology in modern life

Today’s technology has a great part of our life or I can say of daily life specially Smartphones
We even couldn’t imagine living without devices and internet , it just like we get in race to have a new mobile or tablet of the same year before all !! people do this to show others not because they need it , there is no matter if the old device was  in good quality.  I don’t deny the great benefits of technology and how it simplifies our life , but some people don’t use it in useful way ( devices addicts ) I think they are just like slaves for their phones in everywhere they carrying it and discuss only in what happening in social sites they are not ready to discuss away of their mobiles , thoughts or anything else .Who don’t have Smartphone now like poor , sitting alone and have no one to discuss with, I don’t say all people like this but even if they are discuss they don’t have much to say , and feel boring with gathering of people so they involve into their phones , not only adults but also children ,actually I see phones doesn’t fit them totally , all the day looking in the screen without giving any attention for their skills, hobbies and other activities which increases laziness comparing with their ages which is considered the youth and movement age

you may don’t know by addiction on technology  perhaps you forget yourself , family  , and your goals in life !!

If you have asked someone how long you can stay away of your phone ?? I expect the answer is, not so long or I can’t at all ( it’s like little baby) , don’t shocked because some take their phones to the bathroom as I heard !! OMG , they must be crazy or something !
I remember when the internet had cut for 2 weeks because of problem in connection I guess I was addicted on it hahaha so I felt depressed and nervous because I didn’t use alternative thing like reading, drawing or doing sport etc , if that so we wouldn’t feel boring, but didn’t realize that , now I got rid of it hmm not totally 🙂 but can stay away of my devices but not so long such 2 weeks lol 😀
I think it’s better not carrying devices through vacation or relaxation time will brings more headache instead of inner peace( just a personal thought ) and every  one as what see . Must be balance between using technology and avoiding it , we control it not it control us
and every thing has its time 😀