thoughts for sell


I have read a bit about some countries who exports thoughts !! what ?? that made me wonder ?? even thoughts can be export

hmm yeah I think it’s , it’s exist

but while I was reading in another book the author said ” sell your thoughts we are always selling ” here I stopped and think ! what he means ?? he write short paragraph about this without details ..

let me show you my imagination 😀 about this idea
how can I sell my thoughts ?? and for who ??!
just imagine and let’s us imagine together !!
what if there was a shop for selling thoughts to business men , women
government and for anyone who wanna buy  thoughts !!
of course they must buy it by money !! how amazing
well if that happened you might don’t find  poor people they just think and bring ideas to sell it
may the whole people become inventors by working their brains ,and trying to bring unique ideas
on the other side they will be lazy waiting for money
anyway it’s just an imagination and call it mind Scribbles 😀

what I really think of is that
you don’t need to sell your thoughts to anyone just do it to yourself
thoughts bought by caring , don’t belittle any idea you believe in
buy your thoughts why not !! care by what you think of
work to make it real and let it shine to this world
and be sure if you are thinking you won’t be poor because you will find a way to
be rich and you are rich by what you have within ( brain)


what you shouldn’t talk about to deference the feelings of others

I like these words for D . Ibrahim Fiky,  would share it with you
Do not talk about your money in front of poor, do not talk about your health in front of queer,

Do not talk about your strength in front the weak, do not talk about happiness in front unhappy,

Do not talk about your freedom in front of a prisoner, do not talk about your children in front of sterile,

Do not talk about your father in front of an orphan .. Their wounds can not tolerate more !!

Weigh your words in all matters of life and make deference the feelings of others part of your personality ..

So do not come the day you find yourself alone with your wound.!!

Happy Eid ( fest)



hello everybody

wish you happy  fest and enjoyable one 😀 , it’s the 4 day now in this fest I can’t describe the happiness we got at Eid ( fest)

It’s gorgeous , these days full of blessing and  beautiful moments , where most of families gather with each other ,with relatives

and friends it’s the best days of keeping touch with people and friends and it’s day of getting gifts , even poor people

where no place for sadness , all are smiling specially children which made the Eid more Awesome including the fire works , parks money and sweets I love these days much 😉

I have spent the 3 days in such a special one ,  I gathered with my mom’s family and host a party where I used each moments 😀

 ,visited my relatives , and went to a  wonderful restaurant with my cousin

the only time I get comfort is my sleep I’m gonna to have fun with the rest of days lool 😀

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this is what money thinks lool :D:D




Money is important and essential for our life ,all of us need it
but when we search about money without caring for every things around is craziness
Should be balance between searching for money and the others things
because it’s not number one of our happiness as some think
Some people lose everything around , their family , friends , health and maybe honest on their way to earn a lot of money to be rich , they think being rich brings happiness what a pity! , the real happiness in heart

by money…
you can buy a rose but not love
you can buy a bed but not comfort
you can buy a medicine but not health
you can buy a gift but not a smile



Happy Eid ~ festival ~

HAPPY EID for all of you
I’m so happy that Eid ~ festival ~ came , and we are celebrating with each other
These days it’s of the best days to us ,


The first thing I have done is praying at mosque in ( almadinh ) where gather
A lot of muslims from different countries

Nice feeling this day it’s special day to me , the smiling on every face older and children 🙂


Here when I got out of mosque , was very crowded , every one wanna go to home greeting his / her family


The nice thing in al Eid is eating sweets and drinking coffee, what a nice taste!


That we do in this festival …