hello every one good evening  🙂

have a nice day all ,

today’s morning was super pretty noting special but I have only flowers that my brother brought it yesterday and another thing is that yesterday  I got my YOTSUBA doll 😀 she is so cute and adorable so I captured many pics with it

see the pics 🙂

















actually I would share the whole pics haha because I love it I shot more than 30 picture > I think that enough I will share the rest later 😀 cheers

Happy Eid (feast)


Hi everyone,  have nice day all

Today’s morning it’s great moment to share it’s  the first day of the Eid (feast ) (eid al-adhah ) may god bless you all and fills your days with joy  and happy  times  🙂



This photo taken  before a couple  of weeks by my phone  at  early  morning when the sun just raised  up,  i love it much and how it looks like arrow  . as it says go a head to your dreams : ) . There are umbrellas over there I think the sun light got through  it ,shaped this wonderful arrow. 
I was very happy this day and feeling up specially the weather was nice, few times I watch the sunrise and this was a great moment for me I felt the sun huge and near 😀
Love this place

Rose of 10:30 am


the last day at that place , was sunny day bodes well , with unbelievable events
life is always full of surprising stuff . gives the gifts at right moment ! times arranges unexpected meeting with people you don’t know much about them , it’s enough to met them once then life can plays with the times so may they back with great things or leave to their way


while i was wandering on that place to farewell everything , met by chance that friend
which I got to know her on the stairs one day and had normal conversation !

she asked

it’s your last day here right?
– yes
so are you going now ?
-no i have something to do it then go
ok , May I have your number phone please?
-yes for sure
thanks !!
-you’re welcome

everyone gone on way

the early hours of morning passed as usual but with different taste I know I won’t be again at that place it’s the last day !!

at 10:00 Am finished my work

10:15 went to the coffee shop ordered my favorite drink ,
10:20 talked with some of friends and said good bye to them
10:30 on the door about to leave , suddenly the same friend back from flowers shop

do you want leave ?
-yes I think
just a moment i have something to you ?
– ???
here you are , this rose for you and I wish you good luck
– 😮 not believe !! thank you so much for that I’m really appreciated that’s kind of you
so for now good bye
-good bye

the rose of 10:30 am was unique rose not for shape or smell but for the feeling at that attitude
wasn’t know much about that friend and I think she is very lovely
I kept that rose saved although it leaves dried but when I see it I feel it alive

good morning





god’s blessings come as a surprise but how much you receive depends on how much your heart believes!

have blessed and happy day 😀 

blessing of morning













I neven be alone if there is a god


every night has its special taste
sometimes it’s sour spend with tears
in the dark , under moon light
in myself many things to say
for someone hears all these stories
all is asleep , all lamps are closed
I’m all alone , nobody is near
the only hope is praying for god
to grant me with mercy , eases my pain
make me feel warm, give me a hope
take away my fears ,fills my lonley
and this night ends at early morning
when the sunrise and then close my eyes

memories in my coffee


that place where sitting beside heater
feeling cold , wearing sweater
sitting quiet covered with heavy blanket
in my hands cup of hot chocolate
times suffer of flu, times suffer of sharp cough
and my parents praying for god, running to the doctor
to see me well and recovered

each nights and morning
each drop of rain and cold breezes
and every moment I spent
tells a beautiful winter events
that time I was a child , in my city enjoy coldness,
waiting for bright spring
now , the case has changed
but still in mind , in book memories
moves as suger in my coffee ,Sweetens my time


I have moved from the city which I was live in and Iwere born for about

8 years I miss everything , specially winter for 8 years I haven’t buy any

winter clothes :(, I love winter season , winter here is like spring the weather is good

little cold breezes at night and morning but at noon it’s little hot ,

I know I should thanks god for the grace because

some people suffer of  cold 🙂

On the beach

good morning

new day and a bit of fun’s wonderful day 😉

today on the beach at early morning, where the nice breeze, the calm ,  the sunshine

and the waves  , splashes of water refreshed my soul away of  home routine , I enjoyed the wonderful moments

  <<< yeah I also dig my name on the sand 😀 see the pics