how would be that love ? when be shared
how would be that kiss, hugs and sleep
warm,peace,and safe!!
what if I born another one else
what if I have great love surrounds
what if I have parents, brothers and sisters
to just feel the real feelings
to just live the delight of moments
don’t feel it because it’s in my dreams
would like to touch it but it makes me cry
I wonder why??
I suffer , hide pains
live with unknown friends
no one hear my screams
because of what? because I’m one of orphans


orphans don’t need us to look them Compassion look for their situation , because they don’t need it anyway , they need only caring that shows their importance in the community . god knows their situation so he make them strong enough . the pity look of some people to them make them angry or hate to see the people because of that you should treat them like any person also it’s better to consolidate them with the public and make them show their effectiveness to feel them they are not alone!! I went with my mom just to see them but the supervisor said they don’t like the people to feel pity for them that’s hurt them more !! yeah that’s right

when I was watching anne shirley cartoon I cried when she was do( I didn’t let my sis see my tears)  😀 because she is an orphan and she thought she has ugly face with red hair and she suffered when her dad and mom died but I liked the hopeful spirit in her she forced people around to respect her although she was do crazy ideas and funny in the same time I just love it ..she live her life happily like if her parents was alive , actually I decided to help orphans because they really deserve caring !!
yeah it’s just a cartoon but really touched me and it’s the cartoon that I don’t feel I’m old to watch it 🙂


quotes by mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandi  was the preeminent leader of Indian nationalism it’s an inspirational person

I liked his quotes ,and I read a little about him, I think I will read more cuz he is unique person

he made a change in his world and call us to do too , also   I was impressed with his treatment with

people and other religions which reflects the respect for other ……….

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Today’s meal

Today’s meal is not chicken ,or roasted meat
not boiled vegetables or fried fish
not pizza with hot cheese
not even chocolate or any kind of sweets

It’s the peace and justice when offered
without invitation , without date
shared with others in each nation
such unversal languge  on the earth

needs real feelings to be mature
little of caring to be sweeter
keeps your life fresher
and your relation stronger
not need a good cooker or someone professional
that’s it




It’s LOVE meal !!

love is more than just saying word








burning on the wood 2


love is peace born of  hearts 


my wish to the world


My wish to the world is becomes place for peace..

Stop  wars , killing people and children

Stop  hate nationalities , and religions

 all are  humans on the earth

No difference between our colors and shapes

poor people and rich ..

the same heart we have  , the same air we breath

Wish we become one hand like bees cooperating

Like one family our hearts  full of loving

Like one soul , appreciate others feelings

hope peace for all and peace of mind