between an old books !!




What a mess ???!!
Well, all these mess of papers written from 3 and some from 6 years
I found it between an old books in a bag , actually, I laughed on my writing and my thoughts 😀
Because in these papers something represent me now and some are crazy , I don’t know what the relation between pen, papers and me , everywhere at home I write on a paper anything come to mind or maybe a procedure for making something then let it , of course  my mom doesn’t like the mess I made ( she is right 😉 ) , she gonna hits me one day lool, anyway, she keep it save ( my big appreciation to my mom ). these papers contain an ideas , my message to life , a report actually it was a homework when I was at school , a design just a sketch , alot of things I wonder why not thrown in the rubbish , but I guess great things doesn’t find it way to the rubbish …..hahaha 

.many ideas gathered from books or the network I see it good 

so to be more arrangement put it here

 I have organized all of this in a notebook to write everything interest me


 this is the begining of the notebook , you see I’m crazy about designing 😀 hmm( will tell you later why)

the last pic on the right a list of my dreams

I have read in a books if you write down your dreams and focus on it , it come true ..
I agree with it, thoughts leaves the papers and come true ( try why not!!)  ,


devices is makes it easier as well

😀 😀

An empty envelope


while checking the postbox
searching between envelopes
for the name of someone dear and beloved
has deep place into my heart
I picked up the envelope happily
sat on the window open it
but the surprise is
it’s an empty without anything
only the name and addresses
felt sad at the  first time
threw it with the wind flying
but i’m glad knowing this person is fine
and thought it’s invisible lines
written by magic pen
no eyes can sees , only heart reads
love is
when you don’t find any words to say
when you can’t express your emotions and feelings
when you miss someone a lot and the far distance between you
seems too near
love is whispers from heart to heart
not by words , not by action , just state of feelings