how’s the weather



I took this pic before two days where the weather was just amazing till now 

I think most of countries in winter season and each one ask who know them in other country or city how’s your weather ??

well, want to tell you the weather here beside me 😀 , it’s neither hot nor cold  we don’t feel coldness at all 

it’s nice . just a blowing winds some times cloudy , actually love cold want to try it again 

it’s  exciting thing when you remove your summer clothes and put winter clothes and sitting beside heater

truly I lived this feeling when i was child and I remember we were eating   CASTANEA  🙂 I adore it

we were putting it over the heater then eat it  😉



as well as drinking orchid with nuts 😉 it’s makes the body warm  



the only bad thing that I was feeling ill and suffer of cough , but thanks god I’m well now..this is from the past memories  



now I enjoy the weather here , it’s suitable for going to a picnic 😀 


thank you dad!!



as his usual he surprised us with interesting decision , we are going to a trip for 5 days
so happy that I can’t imagine!! , before 2 weeks comeback of long vacation 😉 . but now it’s trip to the place we love where less temperature and the weather tends to cold, how’s wonderful!! thanks god for giving me such great dad
yes he mostly take decisions without us but finally we agree him , sometimes with  busy life and his work he don’t find time to take us for a picnic or long trip that’s why he cheer us up surprisingly  😀

Happy Eid ~ festival ~

HAPPY EID for all of you
I’m so happy that Eid ~ festival ~ came , and we are celebrating with each other
These days it’s of the best days to us ,


The first thing I have done is praying at mosque in ( almadinh ) where gather
A lot of muslims from different countries

Nice feeling this day it’s special day to me , the smiling on every face older and children 🙂


Here when I got out of mosque , was very crowded , every one wanna go to home greeting his / her family


The nice thing in al Eid is eating sweets and drinking coffee, what a nice taste!


That we do in this festival …