clouds and rain


Sprawl over mountains marching high
in nicely view crossing the blue sky
feel it near just can touch the mist
gently tickles my hands as touching my greet
swift dissolved among sun rays
in grey and yellowish shaped cumulus clouds
like artist panel looks gorgeous
not long back to state of Nebulous
feel like hugging sky as one of my lovers!!
touch the inspiration of nature 

in cold weather with sound of thunders
warning the fest of rain dances
it’s sky’s cry over parched ground
wash and clear everything around
turns the land to pretty veld for animals, insects and birds
on the last rhyme of raindrops , the sky got clarity and pure
terminated this wondrous play , in such a glorious day!!

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trip to the mountain

I went on a trip to the mountains with my family, it was great one 😀


the rain

it’s drops of rain falls again
washing the ground ..wets everything
came to clear the sky of dust
came to opens new day better than the past
cheering , under it  want dancing
with all my sense , with all my feelings
as I wash the pain and come smiling 🙂