hello every one good evening  🙂

have a nice day all ,

today’s morning was super pretty noting special but I have only flowers that my brother brought it yesterday and another thing is that yesterday  I got my YOTSUBA doll 😀 she is so cute and adorable so I captured many pics with it

see the pics 🙂

















actually I would share the whole pics haha because I love it I shot more than 30 picture > I think that enough I will share the rest later 😀 cheers

Eid trip photos

these photos was taken the last few days of the Eid trip with my family 🙂 the weather in this place mostly foggy , cloudy , rainy , cold which I really like and sometimes sunny



















































even danbo enjoyed 😉


plant your own garden …….



don’t wait for someone to bring you flowers , plant your own 

garden and decorate your own soul !!

Rose of 10:30 am


the last day at that place , was sunny day bodes well , with unbelievable events
life is always full of surprising stuff . gives the gifts at right moment ! times arranges unexpected meeting with people you don’t know much about them , it’s enough to met them once then life can plays with the times so may they back with great things or leave to their way


while i was wandering on that place to farewell everything , met by chance that friend
which I got to know her on the stairs one day and had normal conversation !

she asked

it’s your last day here right?
– yes
so are you going now ?
-no i have something to do it then go
ok , May I have your number phone please?
-yes for sure
thanks !!
-you’re welcome

everyone gone on way

the early hours of morning passed as usual but with different taste I know I won’t be again at that place it’s the last day !!

at 10:00 Am finished my work

10:15 went to the coffee shop ordered my favorite drink ,
10:20 talked with some of friends and said good bye to them
10:30 on the door about to leave , suddenly the same friend back from flowers shop

do you want leave ?
-yes I think
just a moment i have something to you ?
– ???
here you are , this rose for you and I wish you good luck
– 😮 not believe !! thank you so much for that I’m really appreciated that’s kind of you
so for now good bye
-good bye

the rose of 10:30 am was unique rose not for shape or smell but for the feeling at that attitude
wasn’t know much about that friend and I think she is very lovely
I kept that rose saved although it leaves dried but when I see it I feel it alive

pencil drawing






rose photograhy





graduation party


studying journey

Ii’s a tittle with long story , lines it the history
not for a day or a month but for years
written through the days
I can’t count the words which written with my pen
from the time i learnt the alphabet till I learnt where i put the right
i can’t end all this story with the dot
just celebrate with the letters that form one word “GRADUATION
I have many things to tell and great moments to share
from the day I got to school till the day I’m out of college
it’s long story has special taste
I can say it just like eating sour and sweet sweets
to the knowledge we head, between subjects and fields
search , solve and together exchange thoughts
with teachers and friends our skills improved
on the education stair we uplift , I’m proud of my graduation
by applying what I have learnt ,
today our name written on the certifications
it’s the time to celebrate graduation
not to tell the end of the story but to write the real part on this world


it was grate party with my friends oh I love it 😀

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my best friend made for me another  party at her home wow she surprise me I”m so happy 😀 :p

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back with graduation cap

hello everybody !! 🙂

It has been a month or so I’m out of  blogging ,really I missed everythig

I don’t know what to say and how deescribes my feelings ..I’m feeling happy sad and can’t beleive

yesterday was a special one will stay in mind ever , actually it was my last day

at college , OMG I can’t believe that , I can’t imagine I’m graduated and won’t

be there again , but that this the true, yeah I GRADUATED and of course I’m so pleased  56643


the last moment in lines !!

at 3:20 AM I woke up to review my lessons till 6:00 am

7:00 AM  I dressed up and check my bag to see everything is there

at 7:46 AM I got out of home to the car with my brother , the weather was cloudy but it’s so hot

At 7:53 AM I get in the college and quickly went to the hall where the exam there

At 8:00 AM start the exam ..during the exam I felt sleepy 😛 actually I was tired the night before the exam I didn’t

sleep well maybe about 1 hour only ..but I did well & I hope the result is good 🙂

At 10:00 AM I finished my exam  oh i really was happy I met my friends &  greeting them

At 10:10 I met my new friend I knew her a couple of weeks before the exams , she asked me if I will  go to home now or not?

I said no, I will stay for  a minutes then go to home . she took my number then I went ……

At 10:20 I went to the coffee shop ( really I like the smell of coffee 🙂 ) I ordered french toffee  it’s my favorite taste

At 10: 30 I met the same girl at the same place she was out of collage  I guess she went to buy something , she told me to wait for a moment

then she came to me with a pink rose ( Awww I got surprised me I don’t know her much and she give me a rose says that’s for ur graduation ..I much appreciated her and thanked her for that she is lovely girl 🙂



hmm really I’m happy also I feel I will miss studying 😦 although at first time I was hate this college  and I got to a department

don’t love  it  but now I can go ahead with it and I’m physics scientist  loool 😀 , don’t know what to do the coming days maybe complete

studying ( back student again ) hmm don’t know , anyway I will celebrate first and have a fun then think 🙂 🙂


the wordpress family award

I’m  greatful for every one of you  who have nominated me on awards , and who stop by  my blog

many thanks 🙂   here is the awards I got

by joe

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I wanna send for you my greetings and you deserve this Bouquet of flowers 😉