The fault in our stars


Hello every one¬† ūüôā

Goodmorning or goodevening wherever you are in the world

I would like to share my reading¬† book,¬† as u see in the pic i’m reading the fault in our stars, i’m at the beginning¬† an i feel it good,¬† actually¬† before i buy this book i read many reviews about it the book touched ¬†the most and makes some cry, ¬†as well as it’s ¬†high rated and recommended in goodreads ,¬† really that makes me wonder! It must be a super book !¬† It may makes me cry as others¬† i will put Kleenex beside me lol: D.¬† Hmm I¬†¬† haven’t¬† cry¬† when I read sad books,¬† yes I¬† feel sad and depressed but no tears¬† lol,¬† (I¬† cry when i watch sad films¬† )¬† . i really¬† was¬† very curious and exciting i just want to know the story. so I bought¬† The book it’s now between my hands ūüėÄ i feel happy to have it..¬† i’m at 22 page till now it’s¬† good: )

I will share my feelings when i finish it; )

So if you read it you can tell ur feeling in comments: )

Cup of coffee


cup of coffee is not just a drink with sugar 
or with any nice flavor 
it can be a story of love , it can be a memories book 
cup of coffee sometimes turns to words 
tells the forgotten moments
sometimes turns to  bitter drink
 tells each sad events 
cup of coffee can be the happiness of special day , 
it also can be the comfort of hard pain
cup of coffee differ from city to other from country to other
 from person to other from event to other from day to other 
cup of coffee can be your best friend from the first drop to the end 
it can be the best time you don’t forget¬†