The fault in our stars


Hello every one¬† ūüôā

Goodmorning or goodevening wherever you are in the world

I would like to share my reading¬† book,¬† as u see in the pic i’m reading the fault in our stars, i’m at the beginning¬† an i feel it good,¬† actually¬† before i buy this book i read many reviews about it the book touched ¬†the most and makes some cry, ¬†as well as it’s ¬†high rated and recommended in goodreads ,¬† really that makes me wonder! It must be a super book !¬† It may makes me cry as others¬† i will put Kleenex beside me lol: D.¬† Hmm I¬†¬† haven’t¬† cry¬† when I read sad books,¬† yes I¬† feel sad and depressed but no tears¬† lol,¬† (I¬† cry when i watch sad films¬† )¬† . i really¬† was¬† very curious and exciting i just want to know the story. so I bought¬† The book it’s now between my hands ūüėÄ i feel happy to have it..¬† i’m at 22 page till now it’s¬† good: )

I will share my feelings when i finish it; )

So if you read it you can tell ur feeling in comments: )

sunset away of town life

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Attracts me the moment of sunset when it announces to leave, wish i can still watching it every day from window ,rarely can catch this view close and see the shyness of the sky appears in horizon in baht red color , the combine of many colors , the rays around sun circle slowly hides till the sky dressed darkness decorated with stars like diamonds , I would say that lucky who was the sky his roof he could see different status each day he/she could enjoy in each moment of sunrise,sunset,evening while watching moon and brilliant stars
In town life this view hardly seen because of high buildings and neon lights that steal our attention to run behind excitement and entertaining , sometimes it takes us away of enjoying the simple life and the beauty of nature , forgetting that nature can inspires our dead souls refresh our thought through meditation in god creatures .nature is one of happiness reasons too which brings peace of mind and peace in souls .

window of hope



from a window not in real room
overlooks on a nicely view
full of beautiful, blooming flowers
clearly I can see the world, the stars , blue sky
and the bright moon
here I stood on my feet , letting my soul go through it
building a dreams bridge
where faith and belief  lies
I got support and strength
learnt language of desire and ambition
for the time I feel hopeless
for the time I’m prisoner of sadness
for the time I feel so weak
there is one way I head for, rise on the letters of hope
because I know , there is no barriers or limits for dreams
If there is hope yarns

It’s great thing to open such this window and make it as real one for our soul
it’s our inspiration , give us a light , a breath, a strength , like a nice journey
to the place we love to go , makes us forget the past , looking in front to the sun
makes us forget the fall , raise our head to stars , makes us forget harsh critique
replace it with ” nothing impossible”……

Catch the stars !

Raise your head high and say I CAN!

no place for the barriers in this world

it just a broken stairs , you should jump to overcome

whatever it was big or small

you will get what you want!

just give your-self chance to catch the STARS !