book review : the fault in our stars


Sorry for telling that this post should be written before , I’m writing it now cuz i didn’t write a blog since 24 June

OMG , it’s a long time  I don’t feel like writing this but an echo inside telling me come on write something hahah 😀


by the way I watched the film and read the book but actually I liked the book more than the film I feel it touched me deeper

the story is sad and romantic , the cancer played the actions in it , there is some hope between words i think .

the people who may think they would die just by having cancer , maybe they are wrong  shouldn’t think like that because if they live with hope and like anyone else in the world may they recover of cancer and if they think they would die just by cancer may they really die not by cancer maybe by their thoughts in it

( that makes me remember a person in reality was having a cancer but he was thinking positively and he have a hope of recovering ,then he really fought cancer and recovered , that THERE IS A LIFE IN HOPE and  now he wanna change the name from cancer patients to cancer fighters )

Bake to novel….

for me the saddest part of the story are

when hazel got so sick and couldn’t breath so her parents took her to the hospital

I thought before i read the rest she may die >>but she got better after that

and when Augustus waters died  , I didn’t expect he may die but he is  and that’s was really sad

so the funny part of the story is when Issac throws the eggs with Augustus on Monica’s car

and I wished she was opening the door not her mom just to get an egg on her face hahahah lol 😀

the character I don’t like is Peter Van Houten I think he is drunk enough and mad really makes me feel anger

overall the story is good and well written I give it 3 and half stars of 5 🙂

Cup of coffee


cup of coffee is not just a drink with sugar 
or with any nice flavor 
it can be a story of love , it can be a memories book 
cup of coffee sometimes turns to words 
tells the forgotten moments
sometimes turns to  bitter drink
 tells each sad events 
cup of coffee can be the happiness of special day , 
it also can be the comfort of hard pain
cup of coffee differ from city to other from country to other
 from person to other from event to other from day to other 
cup of coffee can be your best friend from the first drop to the end 
it can be the best time you don’t forget 

dance moment with hope


come on hope let’s dance , let’s be partner and good friend
let’s dance over broken bridges , let’s dance on the sad music
to show that we can do it , we can win whatever was the difficulties


let’s break the routine , fly to our dreams
let’s scream loudly , wake up positive feelings
to learn the world how light shine within
how we hold on and get strength

let’s write our story in the dark , open each close lock
use our abilities on our light thoughts
we born to be something , we live to share happiness
let’s be free cross mind limits
let’s convert imagination into reality
let’s turn negativity into positivity

come on hope let’s do it


I was luck to catch this blessed bird and picture it 🙂  , rarely find it in the town or gardens!!

it looks beautiful , I also shot a cat was in the same area 😉

this bird has a story with prophet Suleiman and queen Bilqis , justwant to share it ……

Prophet Suleiman (a.s) had a very large army of men, jinn and birds. One day, he was checking the army. “And he looked amongst the birds and he said: “Why can’t I see the hoopoe bird or is he absent?” (Sura Naml, Verse 20)
hoopoe bird has the duty of searching for water when the army needed it.On that day, it had left without asking for permission to do so and Prophet Suleiman (a.s) decided to punish it if it came back without a good excuse for its absence.
When the bird came back, it explained to Prophet Suleiman (a.s) what it had seen: “
 I come to you from Sheba with sure news. I found a woman ruling over the people, she has been given many blessings and has a mighty throne! I found her and her people worshipping the sun instead of Allah
” (Sura Naml, Verses 22-24).
When Prophet Suleiman (a.s) heard about Queen Bilqis and her city in Yemen, he was very surprised and decided to find out if what the bird had said was true.
He wrote a letter to her asking her and her people to accept Allah (S. W.T) as their God and to stop worshipping the sun. Then he sent the hoopoe bird to take the letter to the Queen and see what her answer was.
When Bilqis read it, she did not know what to do and asked her ministers for advice. Her commanders told her that they were willing to follow her decision.
Queen Bilqis knew that an ordinary king would be greedy for power and try to take over her land. She decided to test Prophet Suleiman (a.s) to see if he was a true prophet of Allah (S.W.T) or if he just wanted her wealth.
She sent a group of men with gifts of gold, silver and other treasures to Suleiman (a.s) as a gift from her. When Prophet Suleiman (a.s) saw all this, he said: “What? Will you try to help me with wealth? What Allah has given me is better than what He has given you and your gifts look valuable to your eyes (not mine).” (Sura Naml, Verses 36-37)
The envoy returned with all their gifts to Sheba and told Queen Bilqis all the wonders that they had seen and heard.
When Bilqis heard of the grand kingdom of Ptaphet Suleiman (a.s), she realised that he was a prophet of Allah (S.W.T) who had been granted such great powers by Him.
She decided to go to him and see his kingdom for herself. When Prophet Suleiman (a.s) heard of her intentions, he wanted to show her some of the favours Allah (S.W.T) had given him, so that she would believe and accept one God.
He said: “O Chiefs! Which of you will bring me her throne before she arrives?” (Sura Maml. Verse 38)
One of the Jinn offered to do it before Prophet Suleiman (a.s) stood up from his throne, but one of his ministers, Asef Ben Barkhia said: “I will bring it to you in the blink of an eye!” (Sura Naml, Verse 40)
Queen Bilqis’s throne appeared infront of Prophet Suleiman (a.s) before he opened his eyes, even though the distance between the two kingdoms was great as Bilqis ruled over Yemen and he ruled over Palestine.
Prophet Suleiman (a.s) thanked Allah (S.W.T) when he saw this! He then ordered that a palace should be built whose floor was made of clear glass. The floor itself was to be laid over a large pool of water, so that when a person walked over it, it looked like he was walking on water!
When Queen Bilqis arrived, he welcomed her into this palace. As she entered the huge doors, she saw the floor and assumed it was water. Gently lifting her skirt so that it would not get wet, she put out her foot to step into the wondrous room.
Prophet Suleiman (a.s) saw this and smiled. He told her she did not need to do such a thing and explained that the floor was made of glass and it only seemed that the water was on it.
Queen Bilqis was a clever woman and as soon as she heard this, she realised the lesson he was trying to teach her. She understood that she had been mistaken in worshipping the sun when there was a Being who could not be seen but who was much greater than the sun – Allah (S.W.T)! Immediately asking for forgiveness, she surrendered to Allah (S.W.T) saying:”I surrender with Suleiman to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.”(Surd Naml, Verse 44)

the versatile blogger award


I have nominated for the versatile blogger award by prinze charming  it is so kind of you and thanks so much

I’m grateful indeed 🙂

Versatile Blogger Award Rules 

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

well , 7 things about me I would to  tell you about my plan for the 2013 😀 it’s better to put my goals  on the eye

and focus to get it  ,I will work hard to achieve it

1-read 50 books or more

2- design at least 30 unique and nice  patterns of jewelry

3- I have wrote a story so I wanna publish it online

4-imrove my level in english and français

5-mange my time well

6-I would learn photography

7- save a part of my money to buying new laptop 😉

my nomination

all the best for all 🙂

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very inspiring blogger award


another award from dr.amany – very inspiring blogger award – my appreciation for her ..thanks so much …she has a wonderful blog and  deserve visiting 😉


the Rules 

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7-things about me

1- I like positive people

2-I don’t care what others say about me I just do what i see it good if this not hurt them

3- I’m shy >>wish to  be little bold at some attitude :$

4-hmm I’m thinking to write English story ,about “pensioner behind the door of castle” to be honest with you

i don’t write anything yet just think at the title >will see the coming days 😀

5-I love helping people >> but not for who uses me

6- I need to be more care about healthy food   🙂

7- what happen in Syria and Palestine is really sad 😩 i hope the victory comes soon


my nomination 

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