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happiness is not measured by money or position it’s what feel inside
don’t search far away it may sleeps near , just look right and left you will see great things
happiness in the beautiful simple things
in a smile of child , Contentment , helping others , success and gathering with family ect
staying  without doing anything brings boring , emptiness is killer
there are many things we can do it in  a free time brings happiness

1- read any favorite book
2- practice sports
3-practice hobbies and skills
4-visit a friend, neighbor, relative or call who we love
5-taking a picnic to a garden ,shore or any nice place
6-possess a dream and fight for to get it
7- meditation in nature
8- stay a lone for a time and forget everything annoying , remembering a beautiful moments
9-learn new thing
10-eating chocolate yeah that’s true and this what i like to do lool 😀 .. click here
11-devoted a time for worship
12-caring for anything , flowers, plant, animal
13-watching comedy

and many things you can fill your life or time with

don’t forget to open your window to the world be optimistic and positive
smile to the world , it will smiles for you and happiness echos will back to you




7 secrets of success


the answer in ur room

Roof said: Aim high

fan said: be cool

clock said: every minute is percious

mirror said : reflect before you act

window said: see the world

calender said: be up -to – date

Door said : push hard to achieve ur goals

adrenaline *the power inside us *

I remember one of the biology lessons at high school , was about hormones inside human body .One of this hormones is adrenaline
Adrenaline is the power inside human body ..
Adrenaline is the hormone of fear and anger , it works immediately in this two cases , it’s function is giving  great energy to the muscles ,  Symptoms : increasing in the heart pulses ,  increasing in the breathing ,and expands vascular  to deliver enough blood and oxygen to the muscles . so we don’t feel pain at the same moment ..
our reaction is depending on what  we are on , case of anger  ( not recommended )
we should control our nerves  because  we may lose something , destroy, kill ect  that  is reflects negatively on our body or  life . in the case of fear (  fear and courage in some case ) because we may do something unexpected in the normally case may can’t do it , save someone , save ourself .also  when riding  a roller caster ..ect
and it happened to me one day, it’s scary attitude and i done something  unexpected
when i was child about 8 years old , i was sitting calm in my room. suddenly
someone screamed loudly ,  I  ran quickly toward the door without hesitance
opened  it then jumped of the stairs from the first one to the last ,although the stairs was big ,long and sharp made of marble.  Fortunately I didn’t get hurt or feel pain but i just can’t believe myself actually in  my normal case  can’t do it ..like a hero in cartoons 😀
anyway ,
I would like to take another point of view here . when we feel fear of failure, feel  fear of  keep on going   to your aim   and success seems a risk for some , you may win or lose and that makes us disappointment and give up ..perhaps someone take a risk and win then we regret  why we don’t do it
if success is a risk let’s do it motivate the power inside us I guess it works like an adrenaline, although of fear we get a courage to success ..Do not despair with life
if you done the thing you feel afraid  of  or the thing that others told you  can’t do it then   you are a hero

you can win!

The time you fail and lose everything


there is nothing worse than standing in the same place

Without doing something ..

It’s your choice , it’s your dreams

It’s your life not another one else

It’s your decision to Go ahead

To forget the past and failed attempts

!!Why not

Try over and over again … don’t lose a hope

there is an opportunity ,

you have a treasure inside , just use your brain

Nothing remain on it’s case, everything is changes

As there is winter, there is spring

As there is failure, there is success

As there is right ,there is left

Don’t feel fear , be brave to prove yourself

change your way , your thought and your plan

Be ready to fight the barriers in your life

Trust in yourself you can DO IT and WIN