This photo taken  before a couple  of weeks by my phone  at  early  morning when the sun just raised  up,  i love it much and how it looks like arrow  . as it says go a head to your dreams : ) . There are umbrellas over there I think the sun light got through  it ,shaped this wonderful arrow. 
I was very happy this day and feeling up specially the weather was nice, few times I watch the sunrise and this was a great moment for me I felt the sun huge and near 😀
Love this place

On the beach

good morning

new day and a bit of fun’s wonderful day 😉

today on the beach at early morning, where the nice breeze, the calm ,  the sunshine

and the waves  , splashes of water refreshed my soul away of  home routine , I enjoyed the wonderful moments

  <<< yeah I also dig my name on the sand 😀 see the pics