the cupcake i made for the family 😀 as they consider me the maker of sweets

I love making it as well and taste different kind of desserts 😉

before putting cream








Happy Eid ( fest)



hello everybody

wish you happy  fest and enjoyable one 😀 , it’s the 4 day now in this fest I can’t describe the happiness we got at Eid ( fest)

It’s gorgeous , these days full of blessing and  beautiful moments , where most of families gather with each other ,with relatives

and friends it’s the best days of keeping touch with people and friends and it’s day of getting gifts , even poor people

where no place for sadness , all are smiling specially children which made the Eid more Awesome including the fire works , parks money and sweets I love these days much 😉

I have spent the 3 days in such a special one ,  I gathered with my mom’s family and host a party where I used each moments 😀

 ,visited my relatives , and went to a  wonderful restaurant with my cousin

the only time I get comfort is my sleep I’m gonna to have fun with the rest of days lool 😀

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Super sweet blogging award !



hi everyone !

A nice  award(super sweet blogging award) I have nominated for by randomlyabstract thanks a lot  much appreciated 

here we go with the rules

  1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you. 

thank you so much randomlyabstract it’s really kind of you and I’m honored

2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions. 

  • Cookies or Cake?

both but mostly cake   

  • Chocolate or Vanilla?


  • Favorite sweet dish?

all kinds of sweets attracts me unless  I taste bad one 😛 

  • When do you crave sweet things most?

when I’m sick 

  • Sweet nickname?

meme or maryoma 

3-Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post. 

4-Nominate your nominees on their blog.

here is my super sweet nominees ..

graduation party


studying journey

Ii’s a tittle with long story , lines it the history
not for a day or a month but for years
written through the days
I can’t count the words which written with my pen
from the time i learnt the alphabet till I learnt where i put the right
i can’t end all this story with the dot
just celebrate with the letters that form one word “GRADUATION
I have many things to tell and great moments to share
from the day I got to school till the day I’m out of college
it’s long story has special taste
I can say it just like eating sour and sweet sweets
to the knowledge we head, between subjects and fields
search , solve and together exchange thoughts
with teachers and friends our skills improved
on the education stair we uplift , I’m proud of my graduation
by applying what I have learnt ,
today our name written on the certifications
it’s the time to celebrate graduation
not to tell the end of the story but to write the real part on this world


it was grate party with my friends oh I love it 😀

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my best friend made for me another  party at her home wow she surprise me I”m so happy 😀 :p

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collection of sweets









I have got 500 likes on my blog oh that really makes me happy 🙂 😉 😀

I wanna thank you all so much for your like , your support and your follow

accept my little gift 😀 have a sweet day all

life is like ..


life is like a basket of candies , you don’t know which one is sour or sweet
which one is good or bad taste
till you try it yourself and have an experience to avoid chosen the bad and sour one
but in life you can’t stop trying new one, life is mix of happy and sad things 

Happy Eid ~ festival ~

HAPPY EID for all of you
I’m so happy that Eid ~ festival ~ came , and we are celebrating with each other
These days it’s of the best days to us ,


The first thing I have done is praying at mosque in ( almadinh ) where gather
A lot of muslims from different countries

Nice feeling this day it’s special day to me , the smiling on every face older and children 🙂


Here when I got out of mosque , was very crowded , every one wanna go to home greeting his / her family


The nice thing in al Eid is eating sweets and drinking coffee, what a nice taste!


That we do in this festival …