The fault in our stars


Hello every one¬† ūüôā

Goodmorning or goodevening wherever you are in the world

I would like to share my reading¬† book,¬† as u see in the pic i’m reading the fault in our stars, i’m at the beginning¬† an i feel it good,¬† actually¬† before i buy this book i read many reviews about it the book touched ¬†the most and makes some cry, ¬†as well as it’s ¬†high rated and recommended in goodreads ,¬† really that makes me wonder! It must be a super book !¬† It may makes me cry as others¬† i will put Kleenex beside me lol: D.¬† Hmm I¬†¬† haven’t¬† cry¬† when I read sad books,¬† yes I¬† feel sad and depressed but no tears¬† lol,¬† (I¬† cry when i watch sad films¬† )¬† . i really¬† was¬† very curious and exciting i just want to know the story. so I bought¬† The book it’s now between my hands ūüėÄ i feel happy to have it..¬† i’m at 22 page till now it’s¬† good: )

I will share my feelings when i finish it; )

So if you read it you can tell ur feeling in comments: )