what happened !!!!

WhatIt would be a personal post so i will write what i feel now really!!

what happened ?? I really asked my self what happened to me I feel I lost my spirit and feeling down ūüė¶¬†I lost my¬†¬†enthusiasm for the things that interests me for everything I just don’t care about anything ! oh my god I didn’t feel like that before !! I graduated 6 months ago and the the first 3 months i felt freedom and happy I just have fun , but this 2 months I don’t feel well ūüė¶ I’m really depressed I missed studying , yes I have full free time and can do what I want but ¬†feel boring , I see my sisters go to school at morning , I wake up early stay alone ¬†I don’t go on my goals don’t know why this feeling chases me although I determine my goals before and¬†decided to make a schedule to manage my time well but I couldn’t control it ¬†. ¬†as I know myself I’m positive girl and always thinking positively¬†but now I could say that it’s one of my negative feeling ( I haven’t any explanation about that !! maybe due to I live away of my relatives also I don’t contact with my friends I don’t go out a lot I lost them ¬†;( ………….I’m really confused !!¬†A-B-Testing-Web-Design-1


I ¬†like drawing , learn languages many things I planning to do ¬†but now I feel I don’t want to do any thing of this I don’t log in to social websites , can’t write¬†I lost my weight too imagine o_O …you know what I do?? I just thinking , thinking in what ?? in how I can back my spirit my enthusiasm , you may think I’m not normal at all ¬†but that what happened ..

hmmm ..actually being¬†Unemployment is not good at all or let me say being without doing anything not good anyway ,¬†I don’t know what will happen at the coming days whether got a job or complete my studying .but i’m not afraid of future ¬†because it’s in the control of Allah ( god) or of being unemployed , because I will work in anything i will create my own business ¬†I hope I could

now I don’t sit empty I just sit with my friend ( book)…I will try to pick up myself and go ahead , I will try to be positive¬†ūüôā

hmm I said what in my heart so never-mind ¬†if you don’t find any benefit of my writing anyway