thoughts for sell


I have read a bit about some countries who exports thoughts !! what ?? that made me wonder ?? even thoughts can be export

hmm yeah I think it’s , it’s exist

but while I was reading in another book the author said ” sell your thoughts we are always selling ” here I stopped and think ! what he means ?? he write short paragraph about this without details ..

let me show you my imagination 😀 about this idea
how can I sell my thoughts ?? and for who ??!
just imagine and let’s us imagine together !!
what if there was a shop for selling thoughts to business men , women
government and for anyone who wanna buy  thoughts !!
of course they must buy it by money !! how amazing
well if that happened you might don’t find  poor people they just think and bring ideas to sell it
may the whole people become inventors by working their brains ,and trying to bring unique ideas
on the other side they will be lazy waiting for money
anyway it’s just an imagination and call it mind Scribbles 😀

what I really think of is that
you don’t need to sell your thoughts to anyone just do it to yourself
thoughts bought by caring , don’t belittle any idea you believe in
buy your thoughts why not !! care by what you think of
work to make it real and let it shine to this world
and be sure if you are thinking you won’t be poor because you will find a way to
be rich and you are rich by what you have within ( brain)


dance moment with hope


come on hope let’s dance , let’s be partner and good friend
let’s dance over broken bridges , let’s dance on the sad music
to show that we can do it , we can win whatever was the difficulties


let’s break the routine , fly to our dreams
let’s scream loudly , wake up positive feelings
to learn the world how light shine within
how we hold on and get strength

let’s write our story in the dark , open each close lock
use our abilities on our light thoughts
we born to be something , we live to share happiness
let’s be free cross mind limits
let’s convert imagination into reality
let’s turn negativity into positivity

come on hope let’s do it

Best moment award



I have been nominated for the best moment award by


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first I want to thank momentmatters for the nomination thanks so much and thank you all

who stop by my blog big appreciation 🙂

It’s my first moment in blogging

….the time I opened this blog

I wasn’t have any idea what I want to talk

or maybe think someone reads my words

afraid of my english ,

I’m not as good as a gold at grammatical

I was just trying , write then read my words many time

to see is it good , or just a silly words

I remained 2 months or so , without sharing any thoughts

I read what others write , and like their way of display

so I give myself the try..then I saw the first ” like ”

oh really I was very happy and decided to go ahead

no matter if I failed , in this life I’m a student learn 😀


my nomination

the journey of life too long alone

someone you depend on when you need help
never let you down always for you is support
by words , by thoughts and whatever you want
cheer you up, wipe your tears
always beside in good and hard times
when you feel sad or pleased
comfort your pain , close to your heart
notify you for your mistakes , just want of you doing the best
share with you events of life , ready to make your smile
no matter the distance even it’s miles
this is real friend ..deserve
and all appreciation
but when this person vanish ,
the journey of life became too long walking alone