Cup of coffee


cup of coffee is not just a drink with sugar 
or with any nice flavor 
it can be a story of love , it can be a memories book 
cup of coffee sometimes turns to words 
tells the forgotten moments
sometimes turns to  bitter drink
 tells each sad events 
cup of coffee can be the happiness of special day , 
it also can be the comfort of hard pain
cup of coffee differ from city to other from country to other
 from person to other from event to other from day to other 
cup of coffee can be your best friend from the first drop to the end 
it can be the best time you don’t forget 


I know of word can takes you up
makes you go ahead
no matter how many times you fail
how difficult challenges you faced on your trail
no matter what people say about your dreams

you know!! hope will takes you there

if you want achieve it and take your own path
if you believe it and see it with your eyes
if you have a time, ability and chances
why not!! start from now
dreams comes when you start run
and hope that’s makes you go on

the versatile blogger award


I have nominated for the versatile blogger award by prinze charming  it is so kind of you and thanks so much

I’m grateful indeed 🙂

Versatile Blogger Award Rules 

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website

2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

well , 7 things about me I would to  tell you about my plan for the 2013 😀 it’s better to put my goals  on the eye

and focus to get it  ,I will work hard to achieve it

1-read 50 books or more

2- design at least 30 unique and nice  patterns of jewelry

3- I have wrote a story so I wanna publish it online

4-imrove my level in english and français

5-mange my time well

6-I would learn photography

7- save a part of my money to buying new laptop 😉

my nomination

all the best for all 🙂

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Two candels are never closed


Confusing and feeling depressed
Tired under stress
May still few steps
And there is great light at the end
It’s a few days
As fighting in a square of challenge
But I need a part of time
Taking deep sleep
Several time
To get strength
But two things are spiruts
Keep me going
Makes me hold on
Motivation and hope
Are two candels never closed

surprise after long time !


In quiet place , under moonlight..

she sits alone waiting,, her lover,,

her smile disappeared, her tears slide..

none is around , only her shade 

Shortly after , she walks on another side 

Her lover made for her surprise 

He came on his face big smile

she didn’t believe this time at night, everything became whit in her eyes..

she said: why you left me waiting long time..

don’t call me on phone, told me what time  will come??

ohh , sorry I must be happy you are now in my home!!

He smiles for her, and held her hand tight ,whispers 

you are like moonlight in my life …

i wish your smile doesn’t disappear , your tears don’t slide

you are my soul twin, in my heart  will sit down..

I will write by big line , I LOVE YOU ,YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY MIND ..

my life without you insipid ..will be together as eyes and the eyelid..

take this for you beautiful piece of gold and diamond..

she replied : thanks you are so kind ….