Super sweet blogging award !



hi everyone !

A nice  award(super sweet blogging award) I have nominated for by randomlyabstract thanks a lot  much appreciated 

here we go with the rules

  1. Thank the Super Sweet Blogger that nominated you. 

thank you so much randomlyabstract it’s really kind of you and I’m honored

2. Answer 5 Super Sweet questions. 

  • Cookies or Cake?

both but mostly cake   

  • Chocolate or Vanilla?


  • Favorite sweet dish?

all kinds of sweets attracts me unless  I taste bad one 😛 

  • When do you crave sweet things most?

when I’m sick 

  • Sweet nickname?

meme or maryoma 

3-Include the Super Sweet Blogging Award in your blog post. 

4-Nominate your nominees on their blog.

here is my super sweet nominees ..