scream of a child between the rocks


what is my guilt t to be homeless

without food, toys and warm dress

 want to run and play with  friends

back in mom lap , feel her kisses on my  cheek ,

 feel her warm hands  wrap my fears ..the only one who I sleep safely with

they steal my smiles , they steal my innocence

for my crying  they are ignorant

the shame on them , they are not  Victorious

every day I pray and pray

to be safe ,in  peace with  all my family

live in lovely house without an enemies

my heart is pure love is for all

why I’m forced for hating  which i don’t know

why I see the rocks and bombs kills others in front

I’m an innocent have no weapon only weapon is my tears

but  be sure , without a doubt

today I’m a weak , tomorrow I’m strong

will defend my family ,my country and myself

with my body with all I have till the last drop of my blood